The 7th CISM Military World Games VolunteersSlogan and Nickname Released at WUT


On the morning of May 12th, the launching ceremony of releasing the 7th CISM Military World Games volunteer slogan and nickname and the general training of the second batch of volunteers was held in the conference hall of west campus, with more than 1,200 volunteers from WUT participating. Zhu Yuqing and Wang Shenshun, deputy secretaries general of the executive committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games, and Zhao Jing, deputy secretary of WUT party committee, were present.

Zhao Jing delivered a welcome speech on behalf of WUT. He said that the volunteers of the military sports would carry important tasks of serving games, displaying characteristics, and spreading culture. In the coming 150 days, WUT, as an essential member of Wuhan, City of Universitieswill actively cooperate with the executive committee to complete the volunteer work of the military world games and build a team with refined style, high ability, right image. Volunteers will greet the guests from all over the world, serve the great event, and make a full contribution to the 7th CISM Military World Games. They will become the image of Wuhan, the disseminator of Jingchu culture, making the military world games more enjoyable and successful.

At the meeting, the Deputy Secretaries-General of the Executive Committee, Zhu Yuqing and Wang Shenshun, unveiled the nameplate of volunteers slogan Be Heroes behind the Gloryand officially released the nickname of volunteers as Smart Shuishan.

Zhu Jin, the Minister of the Volunteer Department of the Military World Games, highly appreciated the volunteer service work of WUT and the dedication spirit of volunteers. He hoped that the volunteers could work hard to complete the relevant training courses and become proficient in the knowledge and skills needed to carry out the volunteer service of the competition, providing more qualified and efficient volunteer services for 7th CISM Military World Games.

Guan Dong and Ju Binbin, volunteer image ambassadors of the military world games, took an oath with volunteers from WUT. Then, Qiu Qihang, a student of the School of Logistics, gave a speech as a volunteer representative of the military world games.

After the launching ceremony, more than 1200 volunteers from WUT carried out courses such as The Military World Games and Volunteer Spirit, Military Training and Team Awareness, Effective Media Communication, Emotion and Stress Management, Emotion and Stress Management, Safety Prevention and Emergency Response, Civilized Behavior of Competition Volunteers, Photography Knowledge and Skills, Me and Military World Games, and other courses.