WUT Partnering with Wuhan Han Opera Theatre to Build a Joint Training Base for Han Opera Talents
On the morning of May 28th, an unveiling ceremony for the joint training base of Han Opera talents with the Wuhan Han Opera Theatre was held in the lecture hall of the Conference Center 103. Vice President Kang Canhua; Jiang Guijun, a second-level investigator of the Health and Arts Education Department of the Hubei Provincial Department of Education; Wang Guohua, Deputy Director of Wuhan Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau; Huang Lang, Party Secretary and President of Wuhan Han Opera Theatre; and Liu Li, national first-class performer, all of them attended the ceremony with heads of relevant functional departments of WUT. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Kang Canhua.

Vice President Kang Canhua delivered a speech for the unveiling ceremony. In the speech, he said that WUT attaches great importance to the inheritance of Chinese unique traditional culture. In recent years, through the ways of talents training, art courses arrangement, workshop construction, achievement exhibition, and campus brand cultural activities, etc.. The implementation of value consensus including moral education and the pursuit of excellence has enabled students to experience the charm of traditional culture in an all-around way and continuously enhanced the cultural identity and cultural confidence of teachers and students. He hoped to take the joint training base of Han opera talents as a link to give full play to their respective advantages and promote the in-depth cooperation between the two sides.

Jiang Guijun affirmed the achievements made by WUT in inheriting and developing the Han opera culture. Also, he hoped that WUT would take advantage of this opportunity to build a Han opera talent training base to explore a more distinctive cultural inheritance and development system so that the base will revitalize the Han opera culture and play a more significant role in the construction of campus cultural atmosphere.

Deputy Director Wang Guohua pointed out in his speech that WUT and Wuhan Han Opera Theatre jointly established a joint training base for Han opera talents, which was a valuable opportunity to promote the development of Han opera. It was necessary to utilize the role of art education in all aspects, to shorten the distance between traditional opera and students, and to compose a melody of traditional culture.

Secretary Huang Lang said that he would fully support the construction and development of the Han opera talent joint training base, innovate the form of activities, renew the charm of opera, expand foreign cooperation and exchanges, and build the base into a platform for high-level traditional opera research and cultural heritage.

At the ceremony, Vice President Kang Canhua signed a cooperation agreement with Wuhan Han Opera Theatre on behalf of the school and unveiled the joint training base for Han opera talents.