Yue Yuanzheng, a Distinguished Professor of WUT Was Elected as an Academician of the European Academy of Sciences

Recently, the European Academy of Sciences announced the list of new academicians in 2019, on which Yue Yuanzheng, a distinguished professor of WUT, was elected as an academician of the European Academy of sciences.

Professor Yue Yuanzheng had been engaged in academic research and technology development of international glass science and industry since he received his PhD in 1995 from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. In 2003, Professor Yue Yuanzheng founded a Amorphous Materials Research Center at Aalborg University in Denmark, and has been the director since then. In 2012, he established an extreme glass laboratory in WUT. Over the years, Professor Yue has made a series of important scientific discoveries and industrial technological breakthroughs in the field of glass and materials science. Specially, he has published more than 300 papers in international SCI journals such as Nature, Chem Rev, Science Adv, Nature Commun, PNAS, PRL, JACS and been invited to give special reports at more than 100 international conferences. Professor Yue Yuanzheng once chief scientist in over ten Danish research projects, is now the Director of International Commission on Glass (ICG), the first chairman of the ICG Glass Fiber Technology Committee, editor of European Science and Technology Magazine, Editorial Board of International Amorphous Solid Magazine, and associate editor of Material Cutting-edge Glass Science. 2011 and 2015, he won the U.S. Corning Excellence Paper Award, was awarded “National Flag Knight Medal” by the Danish queen in 2014, and received the tittle Honorary Members of Special Glass Branch of China silicate institute in 2018.

Professor Yue Yuanzheng together with Professor Greaves, Professor Zhao Xiujian, Professor Tao Haizheng formed an “Extreme Glassy State Lab” team in the state key laboratory of silicate building materials when being employed as distinguished professor in WUT in 2012. He established substantively cooperative partnership with world famous glass teams such as University of Cambridge. Moreover, as chief scientist, he promoted the success of the innovation project working with Corning, an international leading glass enterprises. His laboratory mainly focuses on three research directions: dynamics of aerodynamic suspension equilibrium melt and supercooled melt, high-energy ball-milling ionic conductance glass and battery glass, metal organic framework (MOF) glass. Since working in WUT in 2012, Professor Yue Yuanzheng has taken WUT as the first unit and published many scientific research papers in high-impact international journals such as Science Adv, Nature Commun, JACS and Advanced Mater, etc., making important contributions to improving our school's scientific research strength and international influence in the field of glass.

European Academy of Sciences (EURASC) is a non-profit organization and independent international academic organization composed of the best European scientists and a small number of world scientists. It currently has more than 650 academicians, including more than 60 Nobel Prize and Fields winners. With disciplines covering humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and science and technology, etc., it is one of the international scientific organizations with the most extensive areas, highest academic status and greatest influence across geographical and academic fields.

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