WUT and Hainan University have signed a cooperation agreement

On June 14, Wu Yaoting, the secretary of party committee of Hainan University(HNU), Liang Mou, vice president of HNU, came to WUT, exchanged views on the fields of subjects construction, personnel training, teaching staff and scientific research cooperation, and signed a new round of cooperation agreement with WUT. The secretary of party committee of WUT, Xin Sijin; deputy secretary Wang Qiankun, vice president Chen Wen, and the relevant persons in charge of Party Affairs and President’s Office, Office of Educational Administration, Graduate School, the Development of Science and Technology Institute, Office of Human Resources, the School of Materials Science and Engineering participated in relevant activities.

Secretary Xin Sijin welcomed the delegation from HNU. He pointed out that in the context of constructing comprehensively deepen reform and opening up pilot area, the National Ecological Experimental Zone of Civilization, International Tourism Consumption Center, the National Major Strategic Service Safeguard, the two universities should give full play to their respective discipline characteristic and talent advantages, strengthen cooperation, for Hainan’s economic and social development to cultivate more talents, as well as more scientific research achievements.

Wu Yaoting, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hainan University, expressed gratitude for WUT’s long-term support for the construction and development of HNU. He hoped that the two universities could carry out in-depth cooperation in personnel training, teacher exchange, and scientific and technological innovation through resource sharing and complementary advantages, so as to promote the development of both sides.

At the exchange meeting, deputy secretary Wang Qiankun also introduced the preparation of Hainan science and education innovation park, and signed an inter-school cooperation agreement,  on behalf of WUT, with vice President Liang Mou of HNU.

Before the meeting, the delegation of HNU visited the state key laboratory of new material composite technology, State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architecture, and State Engineering Laboratory of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology.