WUT Association for Science and Technology for Young Teachers was Established and the First Committee Meeting Opened
On the afternoon of July 4, the inargural meeting of the WUT Association for Science and Technology for Young Teachers and the First Committee Meeting (ASTYT) was held in the lecture hall 104 of the WUT’s Conference Center . The meeting was presided over by Vice President Liu Zuyuan. President Zhang Qingjie, Wang Qiankun, Deputy Secretary of WUT, Vice President Liu Zuyuan,  Vice President Wang Fazhou, heads of relevant functional departments of WUT, rotating chairmen of all the schools, and all the members of ASTYT attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the heads of the Development of Science and Technology Institute introduced the preparations for the ASTYT and the selection of its members.The election criterias of the Standing Committee members, Chairman and Vice-Chairmen were also announced. After being recommended by university departments and nominated byASTYT, 66 young teachers from 7 departments and 29 teaching research units formed the Committee of the first ASTYT. Luo Rong from the School of Transportation was elected as the chairman, Wang Tao from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhou Liang from the Institute of New Materials, Han Xinghui from the School of Automotive Engineering, Lei Jiangmei from the School of Marxism was elected as vice-chairmen.. Xu Xu from the International School of Materials Science and Engineering was elected as the Secretary-General. Xia Jianlong and other nine faculty members from the School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Sciences were elected as members of the Standing Committeef.
On behalf of theASTYT, Luo Rong said that the association carried the great expectations of WUT and the good wishes of young teachers, so she felt a strong sense of responsibility  as the first chairman. She put forward an initiative to all the members to set up a bridge for academic exchanges among young teachers and to provide hospitality for them, actively promoting the interdisciplinary integration as well as the growth and progress of young teachers of WUT. The motto of ASTYT is the pursuit of self-discipline, diligence, innovation. We need to abide by the motto and set a good example for the young teachers of WUT by maintaining the academic morality consciously, standardizing the academic conduct, strictly observing the academic discipline. 
President Zhang Qingjie congratulated on the establishment of ASTYT. He pointed out that the growth of young teachers is the most fundamental guarantee for the construction and development of WUT, and that its establishment is of great significance to WUT. He also praised the ASTYT for enhancing the scientific and technological innovation , the interdisciplinary integration and development of WUT. He expected all the members of ASTYT to establish a sense of dedication and to show their kindness to young teachers of WUT in  scientific and technological research as well as academic innovation and exchanges. It is important to lead young teachers to engage in scientific and technological research with rigorous scholarship and noble academic morality. It is necessary to give full play to and pool the creative thinking of young teachers, to promote WUT’s scientific and technological innovation, and to advance interdisciplines. As a think tank,ASTYT needs to enhance the ability of WUT to undertake major national scientific research projects. Strengthening exchanges among experts and scholars in academic circles from home and abroad will broaden the academic vision of young teachers. By doing so, it will make due contributions to the construction of the WUT towards the aim of the "Double First-Class" universities.
Later, ASTYT held the first meeting of the first Standing Committee, during which its regulations were deliberated, revised and adopted. At the meeting, the main tasks of ASTYT in 2019 were examined and arrangements for WUT’s first Interdisciplinary Academic Forum for Young Teachers were discussed.

ASTYT is an non-governmental organization of young teachers under the leadership of the WUT Association for Science and Technology, aiming at promoting the interdisciplinary exchanges among young teachers. It acts as a bridge to bond young teachers together and important strenghth to promote the development of WUT’s science and technology.