J. Fraser Stoddart,Nobel Laureate in Chemistry,is employed as an Honorary Professor of WUT


On October 9, J. Fraser Stoddart, the winner of 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistryvisited WUT. Academician Zhang Qingjie, president of WUT, met and had a friendly conversation with him. In the morning of October 9th, WUT held the Honorary Professor Appointment Ceremony and Academic Report  for Stoddart in the lecture hall 201 of the conference center. Vice president Wang Fazhou, attended the meeting, joined by the heads of personnel department, International Office, School of Materials Science and Engineering, International school of Materials Science and Engineering and other departments, as well as representatives of teachers and students.


Vice president Wang awarded the letter of appointment to Stoddart and expressed his welcome and gratitude to his incorporation. Stoddart is expected to make contributions to talent training and scientific research on WUT, thus boosting the construction of the first-class discipline and academic development .


After the ceremony, Stoddart visited the Hongru forum of WUT to an academic report entitled "The Influence of Mechanical Bond on Polymer and Material Science" to more than 400 teachers and students, explaining the influence of mechanical bond on polymer and material science.


Stoddart said in his report that mechanical bonds, like two hooked doughnuts, are topological chemical structure in which circular molecules are interlocked into chains or knots. According to his research, he created the molecular Borromean ring, after studying the structure of this kind of molecular ring. He successfully obtained a special kind of molecule called "Cyclic Hydrocarbon" - the mechanical combination of ring molecular structure and axial molecular structure. Stoddart's discovery proves that the molecular ring can shuttle back and forth along the molecular axis like a weaver. As the conductivity of the whole molecule is different when the molecular ring located in different positions on the molecular axis, it can be used to show "0" and "1" respectively, which makes the dream of "designing machines on molecules" gradually come true.

After the report, Stoddart received an exclusive interview of all media reporter from Hubei Daily. Stoddart encouraged young students to try new disciplines and should not be afraid of making mistakes. He believes that young students nowadays should have more courage to tap into new fields, rather than lingering about the field of their tutors. He said that curiosity can drive students to innovate constantly, those who know how to make innovation will not work for fame and wealth but will really enjoy their work. Innovation often takes a lifetime practice.


J. Fraser Stoddart Fraser Stuart is mainly engaged in supramolecular chemistry and molecular machines. He has been elected as academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, the German Academy of Natural Sciences, the Royal Netherlands  Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Academy of Sciences,United States. He creatively proposed the concept of mechanical bond, a new chemical bond based on molecular mechanically interlocking structure, and successfully synthesized the artificial molecular machine. In 2016, he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his outstanding contribution in molecular machine design and synthesis. He also won the Chinese government Friendship Award and China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.