A Nature Conference-Solar Fuels,Jointly sponsored by WUT


On October 12, the Natural Conference-Solar Fuels was held in Wuhan International Conference Center. The conference was Jointly sponsored by WUT, Natural Energy, Natural Catalysis, Natural Materials, Chemical Newsletter, Natural Communication and Natural Nanotechnology. The meeting focused on solar fuels ,there are five sub-topics, including research on new system of water decomposition and carbon dioxide reduction, theories and mechanisms, which attracted more than 300 experts and scholars from more than 10 countries attended the meeting.

Wang Fazhou,vice president of WUT

Vice president Wang fazhou attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Vice president Wang extended a warm welcome to the guests. He stressed the significance importance of clean energy material’s development in the important period of industrial upgrading and energy mix adjustment. He also reviewed a great leap forward development of WUT in the field of new energy materials over the past 60 years. He hoped to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the guests and promote the further development of new energy materials such as solar fuel.

Vincent Dusastre, chief editor of Natural Materials

Vincent Dusastre, chief editor of Natural Materials, addressed the conference.He recalled the Natural Conference-Energy Materials held at WUT in 2016, and fully affirmed the success of the previous conference and its important impact on the  development of energy materials field. He also looked forward to the prospect of  Natural Conference-Solar Fuels, and gave a high appraisal to the work done by WUT in hosting the conference.

Professor Mai Liqiang, Professor Yu Jiaguo,the President of the conference

WUT has a deep research background in solar cell, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis fields, which laid an important foundation for the conference. For example, Professor Yu Jiaguo, the president of the conference, has published more than 300 SCI papers in the field of photocatalysis, and he has been selected as the high cited scientist of Clarivate. Professor Mai Liqiang, President of the conference, has made a number of international innovative research results in the field of electrocatalysis based on unique single / single micro nano devices.

More than 20 internationally renowned scholars including Matthew Kanan from Stanford University, Yogesh Surendranath from MIT, Francesca Maria Toma from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory were invited to give more than 20 excellent reports on photocatalysis and spectroscopy, carbon dioxide reduction,and related theoretical calculation and mechanism research.

In addition, a unique Nature Masterclasses was held on the eve of this meeting. Senior editors of Nature Group were invited to give lectures, explaining important issues in the process of writing and publishing scientific papers to postgraduates and teachers in WUT. During the course, students asked questions activelyand had discussion with the editors.

It is reported that the Natural Conference-Solar Fuels is a high-level, large-scale and influential event in the field of solar energy, jointly sponsored by Natural Energy, Natural Materials, other well-known journals and WUT , following the first Natural Conference-Energy Materials held in China, 2016, which also jointly sponsored by Natural Energy, Natural Materials, and WUT. It is an important platform for experts and scholars to exchange their views and cooperate in the field. The conference shows the latest achievements in solar energy fuel, which further strengthens the academic exchange and cooperation between researchers in the field of energy materials in China and the international peers and creates an opportunity for domestic experts, scholars and students to understand and learn the cutting-edge topics in this field. At the same time, it also plays a positive role in promoting the research status of WUT in the field of solar fuel and catalytic materials.