Professor Guan Jianguo of Wuhan University of Technology, was elected as a member of Chinese Society Of Micro-Nano Technology

Recently, CSMNT 2019 ,initiated by Chinese Society Of Micro-Nano Technology (CSMNT), hosted by Wuhan University,  sponsored by  Hubei Association of Young Scientists and Technologists ,jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology,  CSMNT and Engineering  and  Hubei Association For Science and Technology , were held in Wuhan. At the meeting, the list of members of CSMNT in 2019 was announced, including Professor Guan Jianguo, Teaching Dean of the International School of Materials Science and Engineering, researcher Wang Yuelin, deputy director of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology(SIMIT), of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Hu Xiaotang, vice president of Tianjin University.

According to the selection method for members of Chinese Society Of Micro-Nano Technology (Trial), members of CSMNT were selected through the following steps: nomination, first review and final evaluation from the Executive Council. The purpose is to encourage senior members who have made outstanding contributions to the development of China’s micro-nano technology and to the CSMNT. The selection is held once a year. At present, 49 members have been selected.

CSMNT was founded on April 5, 2005. Affiliated to Tsinghua University, its professional authorities are the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Civil Affairs . Gu Binglin, former president of Tsinghua University, was the first and second president of the CSMNT, and You Zheng, vice president of Tsinghua University and also an academician of CAS, is the incumbent president.

Guan Jianguo, is the chair professor of Cheung Kong Scholars of the Ministry of Education, chief professor of materials science of Wuhan University of Technology, dean of teaching and Ph.D advisor of the International School of Materials Science and Engineering, a member for the National Key Talent Project and the first batch of people for the “Leading Training Program of High-end Talents” in Hubei Province, receiving the government special allowance of the State Council and serving as the member of CSMNT and vice president of Micro Actuator and Micro System Branch, executive director of Metamaterials Branch of CHINESE MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY,C-MRS , director of Micro-nano technology branch of Chinese Silicate Society, etc. He served as the editorial board member of SCI such as Appl Material Today, Nanomaterials, Micromachines and national core journals, such as J Wuhan Univ Technol-Materl Sci Ed, Journal of Functional Materials and Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology.

Since Professor Guan Jianguo founded the research team of nano-composite technology and functional composites material in the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing of our university in 1997 and  has been committed to the research of nano-composites with special electro-magnetic properties, micro-nano motors and responsive photonic crystal structure. He has successively undertaken more than 30 national level important scientific research projects, including national 863 plan project, Key Model Material Supporting Project, General Assembly Pre-research Plan and National Defense Science and Engineering Commission Special Plan of Production Capacity Construction Project, etc. many research results have passed the project achievement appraisal and product appraisal of the Ministry of education, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and have been included in the national military standard. The project is applied to a number of national key model equipment. He has published more than 230 papers in SCI journals such as Chem Soc Rev、Account Chem Res、Adv Mater、Angew Chem Int Ed、Nano Lett、Adv Funct Mater、ACS Nano, etc., cited about 6000 times in SCI, personal H factor 46, 39 authorized national (or national defense) invention patents. He has held international and national academic conferences for many times as chairman of the conference, and has been invited to make more than 30 conference reports, special reports, special reports or branch chairman at international or national academic conferences. Professor Guan Jianguo has won 4 provincial and ministerial first prizes for science and technology and teaching achievements, 1 national second prize for teaching achievements, 1 second prize for natural science of the Ministry of Education and 1 second prize for Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, Navitar Micro-nano Technology Innovation Award of CSMNT and honorary titles such as "meritorious individual of high-tech weapon equipment development and Construction Engineering".