Judo competition of 7th CISM Military World Games came to an end

On October 22, judo competition of the 7th CISM Military World Games ended in the gymnasium of Wuhan University of Technology after four days of competition, and 16 gold medals were won. Among them, the Chinese team won 5 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, making a record in the judo games .

Wang Yanling, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Hubei province , director of the Publicity Department and Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the CPC Committee of Hubei province, Li Jianming, deputy director of the General Administration of Sports of China, Tao Hong, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Department of Education of Hubei Province, Chen Jianxin, deputy mayor of Wuhan City, Li Tao, Deputy Secretary General of the Department of Education of Hubei Province, Xin Sikin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University of Technology, Zhang Qingjie, President of Wuhan University of Technology, Zhang Jinyuan, deputy director of the Department of Education of Hubei Province, Yang Zefa, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Hongshan District, Zhang Guangmin, member of the Standing Committee of Hongshan District  and director of the Public Security Bureau of Hongshan District, Liu yuezhai, director of Hongshan District People's Congress, Wang zaiqiao, deputy director of Hongshan District, Wu Jipeng and Jin Yonghong, deputy director of the Competition and Venue Operation Department of the military games, Kang Canhua, vice president, officials and directors of the Department of Education, Hongshan District, Dongxihu District and East Lake High-tech Development Zone, and some former leaders of the school attended and watched the Judo men’s and women's team medal competition.

During the competition, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation , Pankov, accompanied by Wang Qiankun and Zhao Jing, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the university, visited the gymnasium of our university and Russian athletes and coaches , and spoke highly of the conditions for the competition of the gymnasium of our university during the conversazione.

The former president of CSIM, Colonel Abdelhakim Mohammed Issa Arsano, honorary president of CSIM, and former president, major general Jenni Gora, and other guests also came to our gymnasium and watched the competition. School leaders Xin Sikin, Zhang Qingjie, Wang Qiankun, Xia Jiangjing, Zhao Jing, Kang Canhua, Meng Fangbing and Wang fazhou successively visited the gymnasium to express their sincere solicitude to the staff of the school .

During the competition, the Judo Competition Committee held 6 press conferences to release the latest news of the competition.

The scale of this military games is the largest ever, with nearly 500 athletes and technical officials from various countries participating in judo events. Based on the concept of "green, shared, open and Clean", after more than one year's preparation, the school has provided first-class conditions and high-quality services for judo competition of the military games, presenting a judo competition of international standard to the world.

After judo competition, leaders of judo competition committee, official representatives of International Military Sports Council, members of arbitration committee of International Military Judo Commission members of Arbitration Committee of International Military Judo Association, acting chairman of CSIM Judo Competition Commission, judges of judo competition and members of Arbitration Committee attended the meeting. At the meeting, Secretary Xin Sikin congratulated to the successful end of the competition and thanked everyone for their hard work. The official representative of the International Military Judo Commission and the experts of Chinese Judo Association praised that the conditions of our school's gymnasiums and stadiums met the Olympic standards and gave full affirmation to our school's ability to host the games.

The first successful undertaking of international large-scale sports events is a comprehensive review and affirmation of the school's governance level and organizational capacity, which will further promote the spirit of WUT, transmit the voice of WUT, and improve the awareness of teachers and students of the school to love the party, the army and the school.