Martua Sitorus, CEO of KPN group in Indonesia Visited WUT


On October 23, vice president Wang Fazhou met with Mr. Martua Sitorus, chief executive officer of KPN group in Indonesia and his delegation at Conference Room 103. Huang Ping, deputy general manager of Sinoma International (Nanjing), Xia Yi, deputy general manager of Sinoma International(Suzhou), Wang Zhenning, director of human resources of Sinoma International (Nanjing), directors and offcials of the international Office, school of mechanical and electrical engineering, School of materials science and Engineering as well as School of international education attended the meeting.

Vice president Wang Fazhou welcomed Mr. Martua sitorus and his delegation to visit our school to discuss about cooperation. He said that as one of the most influential groups in Indonesia, KPN group has many businesses, especially as the largest leading enterprise of cement and building materials in Indonesia, which has great potential for cooperation with our university. He hoped to enhance mutual understanding and trust through this visit, and explore opportunities for cooperation in teaching, scientific research and industry. He pointed out that Sinoma International has had close cooperation with our school and KPN group for many years. He hoped that all guests of Sinoma International could further understand the school, promote cooperation opportunities among the three parties, and continue to deepen cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial development, international education, continuing education and other fields.

Mr. Martua sitorus thanked the school for its warm reception. He said that KPN group, in the prusuit of development, has always paid attention to serving the society, and set up WBI vocational and technical college to support the residents in the area to improve their education level and vocational and technical level. It is hoped that this visit will explore cooperation opportunities with Wuhan University of technology in the future and promote the development of both sides in the field of industry and education.

During his visit to the University, Mr. Martua sitorus also visited our art museum, innovation park, State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures and so on.