Pichilillo, President of International Military Sports Council, praised the volunteers of the military games From WUT


On the morning of October 26, Hervey Pichilillo, President of the International Military Sports Council(CSIM), and his delegation arrived at the military games village and visited the volunteer home and the volunteers of the military games. In addition, , he participated in the cultural and creative activities of WUT volunteers. WUT Volunteers participated in the whole process of interpretation and interaction. Pichilillo highly praised those volunteers, and wrote messages for them.

President pichilillo and his delegation watched some cultural performances such as the song ‘ Run, little Smart Shuishan’ and rap ‘Volunteer Military Games’ Later, he participated in the creative activity of volunteers -  making pottery plates for the  military games. President pichilillo asked volunteers how to make pottery plates, and then together with volunteers, he drew the mascot "Bingbing" of the military games on the pottery plates.

WUT volunteers presented the hand-made pottery vase with military theme to President pichilillo. He highly praised the wonderful creativity of the volunteers in combining the ancient ceramic culture with the military games culture, and invited the volunteers to take photos with him.

Later, President pichilillo wrote a message to thank the volunteers for their contributions to the military games.

It is reported that more than 1200 volunteers were sent out during the military games of our university, which made WUT the first in terms of the number of volunteers among the Wuhan’ s universities. Our volunteers provided services for the village , judo competition as well as football competition. Besides their warm service, they also created a large number of cultural products such as volunteer military games songs and military games exercises, which have been widely recognized and highly praised.