WUT and Huawei Signed a Agreement to Continue to Build the ICT Innovative Talent Center

On the morning of December 23, the signing ceremony of ICT "Innovative Talent Center" between WUT and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Huawei ICT campus trip were held in conference room 201 of Conference center. Wang Fazhou, vice president of WUT, Zhang Chi, head of the Department of Business Talent Ecology Development of Huawai in China, Jia Zhifeng, head of Enterprise Delivery and Service Department of Huawei In Hubei, Luo Ji, head of School-Enterprise Cooperation Program of Huawei in Hubei ,and Wang Weihua, head of WUT’s Teaching Affairs Office attended the ceremony. The people who were present at this ceremony also included teachers, students and heads of School of Computer Science and Technology.

President Wang stressed that WUT attaches great importance to the cultivation of innovative talents. He also mentioned the progress made in building WUT into a top university through talent cultivation, and the achievements in school-enterprise cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship. Wang expressed his gratitude for the supports provided by the company in developing professional talents in the fields of cloud computing and big data in the early stage. He believed that this cooperation can deepen the collaborative education programs in artificial intelligence, data science and big data technology as well as IoT engineering, so as to further improve synergy and innovation in school-enterprise talents cultivation and scientific cooperation, and to the promote the technical talent training in the new era.

Zhang Chi introduced the development of Huawei and its business scope. He affirmed the previous achievements in talent training, teacher training, and course cooperation and looked forward to continuing to focus on the future-oriented ICT industry and cooperation with WUT in the construction of ICT “Innovative Talent Center” as well as innovative talents training in artificial intelligence, big data and IoT.

Wang Weihua and Jia Zhifeng, on behalf of both parties, signed the cooperation agreement . The two parties will adhere to the principles of "seeking complementary advantages, achieving common development, mutual benefit, and win-win results" in line with the agreement, and deepen the cooperation in innovative talents cultivation, teacher training, curriculum and experimental platform construction in the fields of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and IoT.

Vice president Wang and Zhang Chi unveiled the ICT "Innovative Talent Center".

After the ceremony, Luo Ji made a theme report for teachers and students on “deepening school-enterprise cooperation and building a prosperous ICT talent ecosystem”.