The First Interdisciplinary Academic Forum For Young Scholars was Held in Nanhu Library

In order to promote interdisciplinary academic exchanges among young scholars, strengthen scientific research cooperation, and promote the growth of young scholars, the first Interdisciplinary Academic Forum For Young Scholars was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of the Nanhu Library on November 30. Xing Sijin, general secretary of Party Committee of WUT, Wang Qiankun, deputy secretary of Party Committee of WUT, and vice president Kang Canhua, Liu Zuyuan, Chen Wen, and Wang Fazhou attended the forum. More than 300 people including the heads of departments, deans of schools and representatives in charge of scientific researchers, young teachers, and professors attended the forum also. Vice President Liu Zuyuan host the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Xin Sijin mentioned that interdisciplinary academic research and the development of cross-disciplinary integration have become a need for social development, the future trend of discipline construction and technological innovation in universities, and also an important path for the construction of ‘Double First -Class’ initiative and the realization of national rejuvenation. By combining characteristics with disciplinary advantages, WUT has explored a new model of cross-disciplinary development. Through the integration of related resources, WUT has established 7 academic departments, research institutions for deep cross-disciplinary integration, as well as Young Scholars Science and Technology Association, and also developed a series of major R&D project teams and cross-technology innovation teams. Thus, great progress has been made in this regard. He said that young scholars should break down the barriers of traditional disciplines, communicate with colleagues in different disciplines, share resources, heal the gaps in knowledge, so as to generate more innovations. Xin also noted that the association would give a full play to the role of uniting young teachers, thus making the interdisciplinary forum a unique and sustainable scientific research activity for young teachers. The association, by using a new model of deep cross-disciplinary integration, would make greater contributions to scientific research, talent training and discipline construction, and greater promotion to develop WUT into a world-class university with distinctive characteristics.

Wang Qiankun, deputy secretary of the party committee of WUT, announced the Notice of the results of the selection of the Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress of Young Teachers of Wuhan University of Technology in 2019. The selected young scholars shared their personal growth experience, research results, and academic contributions at the meeting and received award.

He Jie, deputy director of the Research Integrity Construction Office of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, made a keynote report on ‘Scientific Research Integrity and Fund Application’, which gave a comprehensive and vivid explanation of connotation and significance of scientific research integrity. He also introduced the process and key points of projects application in combination with the reality, stressed that the applicants of the Young Scholars Fund must be tenacious and persevering. It is necessary for them to engage in academic exchanges in their field, communicate with peers, learn from each other.

There were also 17 sub-forums, where young teachers discussed around 17 topics including new building materials, development and application of information technology, as well as key technologies for smart vehicles.