Minister of Education Chen Baosheng Visited WUT

On the morning of December 8, Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education, and his delegation came to WUT for investigation. They visited the WUT Student Innovation Park and State Engineering Laboratory of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology, and received the work report of the university.

In the Innovation Park, Minister Chen Baosheng and his delegation received a detailed report on the achievements made by the Park and the ceramic dream factory. They asked questions about ceramic manufacturing technology, Chu culture inheritance with a great zeal, and also praised teachers and students for their dedication in innovation and entrepreneurship practices. In the Lab, Academician Jiang Desheng made a report on the laboratory's development and the application and promotion of scientific research results. Minister Chen said that he came here to experience the mystery of optical fiber, and hoped that the laboratory would make persistent efforts to serve the national and regional economic and social development.

Xin Sijin, secretary of Party Committee of WUT, presided over the investigation meeting where president Zhang Qingjie gave a comprehensive report on the progress of building WUT into a first-class university with first-class disciplines and the work of cultivating students through morality. He introduced the WUT’s characteristics and development strategies, and stressed four innovative steps for the ‘Double First-Class’ construction. First, WUT would take the world-class discipline construction as a lead to improve the quality of disciplines. Second, it would take the country's major needs as a guide to improve the level of disciplinary services. Third, it would improve its humanities and social science. Fourth, it would promote ‘Double First-Class’ construction by ‘four innovations’. Remarkable results have been made in terms of innovative talent cultivation, talent team, original development ability, international cooperation ability and modern university governance ability. President Zhang Qingjie also mentioned that WUT has implemented the ‘three major projects’, namely, the first-class Marxism academy construction project, the party committee governing courses project, life excellence project, and the ‘four plans’, namely, the ‘Master Teacher and Supervisor’ plan, Party building plan, innovation plan, as well as volunteer education plan.

Professor Luo Rong of the School of Transportation and Jin Min, a counselor of School of Law, Humanities and Sociology, delivered speeches as teachers' representatives. Professor Luo Rong reported on the main work of past 8 years, from  theoretical learning, teaching and educating to scientific and technological innovation.  Jin Min shared her experience as a counselor for helping students to realize their dreams.

After the report, Minister Chen Baosheng praised the achievements made by WUT in technological innovation, talents cultivation and school governing. He emphasized that WUT should make more efforts to take the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPPCC into practice, and take into effect General Secretary Xi’s important addresses on adhering to and improving the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and on advancing the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities. WUT should, in accordance with its characteristics, take responsibilities of the university's governance, and promote its modernization.

Xin Sijin said that the spirit of Minister Chen Baosheng's speech would be taken into effect in a serious manner and more works would be made to build WUT into a world-class university with distinctive characteristics.

Song Demin, the director of the General Office of the Ministry of Education, Ren Youqun, the director of the Department of Teachers Work, Wang Shaolei, the secretary of the General Office, WUT’s leadership and teacher representatives attended the meeting also.