2019 World University Forum on Materials Science and Engineering(MSE) Leadership was Reported by Nature

On December 19th, the international top journal Nature published an article, namely,‘MINDS ON WHAT MATTERS FOR TOMORROW'S BUILDING BLOCKS’, detailing the 2019 World University Forum on Materials Science and Engineering(MSE) Leadership which was co-sponsored by WUT and Tsinghua University from October 9th to 12th.

The article quoted the forum held in Wuhan was a great success. It was a cohesive, influential and groundbreaking forum that gathered global academic leaders on MSE for the very first time, and also the world's most influential high-end forum and communication platform of the field.

Four perspectives were covered in the article, including the sustainable development of materials science in the world, accelerating innovation in materials science, materials in the circular economy, and Educating students for the future. It also concluded the views shared by Zhang Qingjie, president of WUT, Wang Fazhou, vice president of WUT, Enric Lavagne, president of the UC Irvine, Max Lu, president and vice chancellor of the University of Surrey, Professor James Fraser Stoddart, the 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Diran Apelian, academician of NAE and other renown materials scientists.

The forum itself draws a new blueprint for the development of global materials science disciplines and provides a shared platform for personnel training and scientific research. It also reflects the global influence and appeal of Chinese MSE disciplines. It is reported that the Forum Organizing Committee is about to release the Wuhan Declaration to coordinate efforts to devise strategies for future development of MSE, and prepare the field to address global challenges in the next 20-30 years. The Declaration sets a blueprint for sustainable development of the field.