18 Disciplines of WUT were Rated as National First-Class Disciplines

The General Office of the Ministry of Education has unveiled the list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate disciplines in 2019 recently. According to the list, WUT has 18 national first-class disciplines, such as materials science and engineering, inorganic nonmetallic materials engineering, new-energy materials and devices, ship and ocean engineering, vehicle engineering, energy and power engineering, turbine engineering, civil engineering, communication engineering, automation, navigation technology, logistics engineering, information and computing science, business management, animation, product design, ideological and political education as well as safety engineering. It also enjoys 5 first-class disciplines at the provincial level, including mechanical engineering, software engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, engineering mechanics and e-commerce.

Since the national undergraduate education conference, WUT has adhered to the principle of ‘basing on undergraduate education’, promoted "four regressions", implemented the policy of ‘three unqualified, eight first’. Thus, after deliberate discussions, the university has put forward the plan for building WUT’s first-class undergraduate education, which draws a grand blueprint for improving its first-class undergraduate education system in a faster pace. This plan is also viewed as a start of revitalizing undergraduate education.

WUT attached great importance to the Double Ten Thousand Initiative (building 10,000 national first-class disciplines and 10,000 provincial first-class disciplines by 2021) launched by the Ministry of Education for first-class undergraduate disciplines and started its works in accordance with the requirements made by the Ministry of Education. On May 31st, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of WUT held a special meeting where a work group for applying for the Initiative was established. Application reviews and defense requirements were also formulated at the meeting. From June 3 to 6, the 2019 National “Double Ten Thousand Plan” first-class professional construction work meeting was held to discuss more specific steps. In addition, a series of meetings were also convened for developing the first-class undergraduate education.

WUT has devoted great efforts in disciplinary development and talent cultivation. The 23 first-class disciplines can be viewed as its fruitful results. In the future, the university will continue to stick to its educational philosophy of focusing on the undergraduate education, implement the policy of ‘five plans, eight actions’, and enhance its disciplines. More efforts will be made to implement a comprehensive reform on key sectors of undergraduate education, to create first-class undergraduate education, to cultivate outstanding talents with outstanding pursuit and excellent ability. All these can provide a solid foundation for WUT to develop itself into a first-class university with more first-class disciplines.