The 1st International Conference on New Energy and Energy Efficiency Control for Ships was Co-hosted by WUT

On December 29, 2019, the 1st International Conference on New Energy and Energy Efficiency Control for Ships(NEEEC), co-hosted by WUT, Cambridge University, University of Leeds, and Keele University, was held in Yujiatou Campus.  More than 60 representatives from the University of Cambridge, Leeds University, Keele University, Université Paris-Saclay(UPSaclay), Wuxi Silent Electric System(SES) Technology Co., Ltd., CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institute, Dalian Maritime University and WUT attended the meeting.

At the conference, Liu Zuyuan, vice president of WUT, gave a welcome speech and introduced the university to the experts. He also expressed his willingness to strengthen academic cooperation with the participating units, and wished the meeting a complete success.

People who gave a report at the meeting included Professor Gehan Amaratunga of Cambridge University, Professor Ying Yang of Keele University, Dr. Teng Long, assistant professor of Cambridge University, Dr. Wu Yunxiang, general manager of SES, Dr. Hongyuan Zhao of University of Leeds as well as Dr. Wang Zhifang, senior engineer of CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institute. In addition, invitation reports were made by Dr. Wang Kai of Dalian Maritime University, Dr. Daogui Tang of UP Saclay, and three assistant professors of WUT respectively.

During the conference, the experts and scholars have deepened discussions on the status, key issues, solutions and development trends of new energy and energy efficiency control of ships. This conference has promoted the research of cutting-edge technologies, engineering applications and international cooperation in NEEEC of WUT.