Wuhan University of Technology is Fully Committed to the Prevention and Control of "the Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus"

Wuhan University of Technology has attached great importance to the recent outbreak of “the Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)” in Wuhan, and organized university hospitals and other departments actively to do their best to carry out the epidemic prevention and control.

On January 22, Xinsijin, the secretary of party committee of WUT, demanded that all levels of leaders and all party members of Wuhan University of Technology immediately implement the decisions and arrangements of their superiors, conscientiously perform their duties and responsibilities, and be diligent in ensuring the prevention and control of campus pandemic. He emphasized that university hospitals and relevant departments actively carry out their work, in accordance with the principle of “safety first, health first”. Zhang Qingjie, The president of WUT, conscientiously studied the work report of the school hospitals, and pointed out that effective measures should be implemented to ensure the control and prevention of the epidemic that would protect the health and well-being of medical staff. Entrusted by the party committee, Wang Qiankun, the deputy secretary of the party committee of WUT, Wang Shijie, the vice president of WUT, and Liu Chunjiang, the vice president of WUT, etc. held four meetings in recent days. The “Wuhan University of Technology Health and Health Education Committee” attended by heads of relevant functional departments and university hospitals, in order to timely convey the relevant deployment spirit of the Ministry of Education and provinces and cities, exam and judge the situation of WUT, and actively deploy the epidemic prevention and control work.

According to WUT's deployment and development of prevention and control work, the university hospitals revised the document entitled "Prevention and Control Plan of the Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus in Hospital" three times, and established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control work and working groups for medical treatment, information release, and logistics support, as well as strengthened the coordination and cooperation of various tasks. Medical staff were also organized to study the second and third editions of the "Diagnosis and Treatment Program for the Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus". They conducted special training on prevention and control knowledge, and held several special meetings to study prevention and control arrangements. Furthermore, the supervision system of the president in charge, section chief coordination and head of department lead, timely sent more radiologists and outpatient doctors are implemented to work as needed, and strictly followed the requirements for personal protection of medical staff. The three-level echelon duty plan and various kinds of emergency plans after traffic control during Spring Festival holiday are formulated, continued to accomplish the job in hospital infection control, manage reporting, referral and follow-up of patients with a body temperature above 37.3 degrees; scrolled to play the prevention and control knowledge video of " 2019-nCoV " in the outpatient hall, carried out health education including "Microblog, Wechat and News Client" and "Health and Education Prescription" for teachers and students and community residents to improve the self-protection awareness and ability of teachers and students. At the same time, a considerable amount of disinfectant, medical masks, protective goggles, protective clothing and other disinfection and protective equipment were purchased and procured in time to meet the basic needs of epidemic prevention and control.

Every unit at WUT attach a great importance to the prevention and control work. Around the prevention and control work of teachers and students, international students, and community residents in the university, a number of effective measures have been determined through consultation, and efforts have been made to reduce and block the spread of the disease. At the same time, everyone has been warned that they must wear masks when entering or leaving any public places, such as the hospital, to wash their hands in time when they go home and ensure adequate indoor ventilation as well as effective personal hygiene.

In facing of this severe and complex disease, WUT requires cadres Party members and organizations at all levels to carry out epidemic prevention and control work following the principle of "personnel should be scattered rather than gathered; disposal should be carried out sooner rather than later; measures should be taken strictly rather than relaxed; patients should be kept quiet rather than moving". All members should not leave the city of Wuhan. We will be united closely and organized effectively through these links such as the pre-plan first, joint prevention and control, classification implementation, environmental improvement, health education, and timely information to overcome this defense battle.