Vice President Wang Fazhou visited and consoled overseas students staying at WUT

On the evening of February 2nd, the Vice President, Wang Fazhou, was accompanied by Vice President Li Li of the School of International Education, and traveled to the International Student Apartment in the eastern settlement of Mafangshan Campus of WUT to visit foreign students and university staff members. Masks, disinfectants, antibacterial hand sanitizers and other protective equipment were brought to them.

In the dormitory of Ravit Singh’s (Chinese name: Shi Bin, a Pakistani student), Wang Fazhou asked about Shi Bin's recent study, daily life, health, and whether he had encountered any difficulties in daily shopping during the epidemic prevention and control period. Shi Bin said that he was in good health at that time. The university was not yet open, so he read books and studied inside the dorm room. Daily necessities could be purchased in the university education supermarket. Although there were fewer varieties of vegetables at this current time, he felt he could still handle the situation. Wang Fazhou repeatedly advised students that masks should be worn whenever they go out shopping, and that hands should be washed immediately after they had returned from being outside. Furthermore, he recommended that students should use the time to read more books and study hard during this time. If they had any difficulties and concerns, that they should not hesitate to contact their on-duty teachers or appropriate university member of staff, and that the university would do its best to help them.

Wang Fazhou had a cordial conversation with the property management personnel, learnt the workflow and duty situation of the epidemic prevention and control in detail, and showed appreciation to the property management personnel for all of their hard work.

It was reported that during the winter vacation, there were more than 500 foreign students living in Wuhan, distributed in 10 different international student buildings on three campuses. The epidemic prevention and control work faced an extremely complicated condition locating them. The Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of WUT had studied epidemic prevention and control of overseas students and the safety protection of front-line staff for many times. Deputy Secretary Wang Qiankun, Vice President Wang Shijie and Vice President Wang Fazhou have coordinated and guided the prevention and control of overseas students for many times and went to the International Student Buildings to condolence the frontline staffs and check the specific implementation.