WUT Achieves Ninth place in the 2019 National Universities Competition Ranking (Undergraduate-Level)

On February 22, the panel of the "University Academic Competition Evaluation and Management System Research" from the China Association of Higher Education published the results of the 2015-2019 and 2019 Academic Competition Ranking of China’s Universities. Wuhan University of Technology ranked 15th in the 2015-2019 Academic Competition Ranking of China’s Universities (undergraduate-level), 9th in the 2019 Academic Competition Ranking of China’s Universities (undergraduate-level), and 14th in 2015-2019 National "Double First Class" Construction Universities Academic Competition Ranking.

The National Universities Academic Competition Evaluation Result List is the first ranking in China that focuses on the cultivation of innovative talents at universities and the results of the academic competition. It is one of the important standards that test the quality of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in universities and colleges. It is also an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, practice the party’s education policy, and carry out the fundamental mission of cultivating talents by merit. The ranking list provides norms and guidance for further regulating management, promoting and playing an important role of academic competition activities in education and teaching, and innovative talent training, etc. Furthermore, it provides best practice guidance for colleges and universities to improve the quality of their talent training. In recent years, WUT has attached great importance to innovation and entrepreneurial education, and has selected leading innovative talents, industry leading talents, and the innovation and entrepreneurship talents as important goals of talent training. The university focuses closely on the center task of talent training and pays attention to the combination of talent training and innovation and entrepreneurship education. Based on the academic competition, it continuously deepens the reform and innovation of practical teaching, insists on promoting construction, reform, teaching, learning, innovation through competition. Moreover, it plays an important role of academic competitions in the cultivation of innovative talents, integrates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the entire process of talent training. WUT has consistently adhered to innovation-oriented and entrepreneurial-oriented, coordinated all kinds of resources, and constructed a multi-synergistic innovation and entrepreneurship talent training mechanism of industry, science, education, and political schools. According to the innovation and entrepreneurial talent training goals, it has built an innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system. Relying on the laboratories, scientific research bases, and scientific and technological innovation bases of institutes, it establishes a Maker space with academic and professional characteristics, builds a "three-level link" practice platform aimed at the needs of entrepreneurial teams and startups at different stages of development. Owing to outstanding achievements in the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, the university has been successively awarded honorary titles, such as the "National Entrepreneurship Incubation Demonstration Base" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Education's first batch of "National University Practice Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Base", "National First Intensive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Demonstration University", "2017 National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience University" and "National Level Maker Space”