“Reading Station” Warms People's Hearts, and WUT Donates Books and Periodicals to Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. The state-owned capital formalities are made up after WUT starts. We must build a reading station for Hanqi Mobile Cabin.” On February 25, the construction of Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital was completed and passed its inspection. The day before the acceptance, when he learned that it was about to be completed and needed to build a book corner, Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT, immediately deployed the relevant departments of the university, quickly contacted the headquarters of Hanqi Mobile Cabin Construction, and donated a batch of books and periodicals to help the construction of "Reading Station" in the Mobile Cabin, and used books to warm people's hearts, inspire their morale, and inspire their spirit.

“The Cabin of Life” Shows Humanistic Care Everywhere

After 8 days of non-stop construction, the dilapidated 40,000 square meter old factory has become the largest mobile cabin hospital in the inner ring road of Wuhan City, with the best security conditions for medical staff, and humanistic care due to the hard work of more than a thousand builders.

Throughout the design and construction process, Hanqi Mobile Cabin showed its care for medical staff and patients everywhere. The hospital, as a whole, is divided into 4 units including pollution zone, buffer zone, green isolation zone and clean zone. There are seven medical cabins, among which special service rooms for medical staff are set up to ensure the safety of medical staff as much as possible. There are water dispensers, showers, mobile toilets, air conditioners, televisions, microwave ovens, WIFI in each ward, and a “treasure box” is placed in each bed, which contains 18 Piece sets such as toilet paper, shampoo, mouthwash cups to meet the basic needs of patients. Each sub-cabin is also equipped with book corner, broadcasting station, etc.

Yang Zhong, Commander of Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital, said, “A positive attitude is also important and necessary. Because the patients are not the critical care needs patients, in addition to the construction of infrastructure, we pay more attention to the construction of humanities. The patients live here, relaxed, and in this environment their own immunity starts to increase naturally.”

Well Organized to Build a “Reading Station” in One Day

On February 24th, when he learned that the Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital was about to be completed and a book corner needed to be built. Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party Committee, immediately requested relevant departments of the university to donate a number of books and periodicals to help establish the ‘reading station’ in the cabin.

From an already drafted plan, the university library immediately launched the emergency donation plan. Party members and cadres took active actions, performed their duties, and cooperated with each other. In just 24 hours, 5,336 volumes of books and periodicals were successfully dispatched, removed, bundled, distributed, arranged and labeled signs in the mobile cabin, and four ‘reading stations’ were built for the Hanqi Mobile Cabin.

In the first time, the directors of the four branches of the university’s library organized the staff who lived on campus and those who lived outside but had a pass to rush to each branch without stop. They completed the sorting, bundling, allocation of 4,100 books and transported them to the general library for storage within 6 hours. The Editorial Department urgently contacted the bookstore to purchase another 1,236 high-quality new books, which were quickly packaged and sent to the general library, and then people organized, unpacked them overnight, and then repackaged them after all the collection seals and donation seals were covered. Taking advantage of the existing materials in the library, the library office urgently designed and made a batch of signs and logos, prepared the national flag and the party flag, and tried to create a reading atmosphere of ‘reading station’ so as to improve the reading experience of the readers in the mobile cabin. The university's party and government office issued passes for 14 teachers within two hours, making it convenient for everyone to go to the mobile cabin and build a ‘reading station’. In the meantime, the library leaders coordinated with many parties, made dozens of calls, and finally implemented a truck with a pass on the evening of the 24th. On the 25th, more than 5,000 books and periodicals were safely delivered to Hanqi Mobile Cabin on time.

To Fight "Poison" with Reading, the Fragrance of Books Overflows Warmly

On February 25th, Wuhan Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital was completed and checked for any issues of concern, and the ‘reading station’ in the cabin was full of books. Books and periodicals donated by WUT and selected by its teachers are displayed neatly and waiting to be read. These books and magazines, including My Motherland and I: Stories of Time Characters, Biography of Churchill, Minimalist Thinking of Complex Chinese Medicine, cover categories such as the establishment of CPC, literature and art, health, life, fashion, etc., reflecting knowledge, interest and application.

Reading is your own refuge. The more than 5,300 books not only exemplify our university's responsibility in extraordinary times, but also the teachers' deep love for our heart and mind and the good expectations for their homes. The Hanqi Mobile Cabin, a “cabin of life” with temperature, not only embodies the sweat of the builders and the love of all walks of life, but also conveys warmth and hope with the fragrance of books.

On February 26, People's Daily, Hubei Daily, Changjiang Daily and other media reported on the donation of books and periodicals from WUT to help build the ‘Reading Station’ at the Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital. On February 28th, the client of Guangming Daily reported that WUT donated books and periodicals to Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital under the title of ‘Reading Station’ to warm people's hearts in Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital.”