Young Teacher, Yue Wenwen of WUT was selected as the First Batch of “Wuhan Anti-epidemic Heroines List”

In order to express high respect and admiration to the heroines fighting against the epidemic, the Wuhan Women’s Federation released the first 117 “Wuhan Anti-epidemic Heroines List” on March 8. Yue Wenwen, a young teacher from the School of Entrepreneurship of WUT and the chairman of Our Local (Wuhan) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., were nominated.

Yue Wenwen is a young female teacher at the School of Entrepreneurship of WUT. and she is also an entrepreneur. During the fight against COVID-19, despite being pregnant, she still led the start-up company's staff members to work hard and provided vegetables for Wuhan citizens. Starting from January 22, all employees of Yue Wenwen's entrepreneurial project-Our Local (Wuhan) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. as a supply unit, had worked overtime to ensure that the freshest and highest quality organic vegetables could be directly supply from the base to the front-line workers fighting the epidemic as well as Wuhan citizens. Untill February 29, the company contributed substantially to fight against the epidemic, by donating a total of 54,400 kilograms of vegetables, 6,000 medical masks, and 800,000 RMB of related materials.

Yue Wenwen’s actions were a proud demonstration of what an entrepreneur can do during this troubling time and provides a fitting example that others can hope to emulate.  After being nominated to the “Wuhan Anti-epidemic Heroines List”, she said, “As a young teacher, I have to play a role of an educator and entrepreneur, and do my best to fulfill my responsibilities: do a good job in providing protection for the front-line staff and Wuhan citizens until the epidemic has disappeared”.

[Information] Yue Wenwen, a member of the Communist Party of China, a young teacher at the School of Entrepreneurship of Wuhan University of Technology, the founder of “Our Local” (Wuhan) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., pacesetter and heroine in the Cangbu Street, Xinzhou District on March 8th, the talent representative of new Wuhan in the special journal of “stay in Han” for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the second group of talents in Xinzhou District, and the Executive Committee of Xinzhou District Women's Federation.