Overcome Difficulties and Welcome the spring, WUT and Overseas Students are fighting the Epidemic Together

“The epidemic is merciless, but there is love in the world”. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, WUT has attached great importance to the health and safety of overseas students, adopted various positive and effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic, and tried it’s best to do a good job in studying and living security and humanitarian care for overseas students. Overseas cooperative colleges and universities have also actively encouraged and supported them, making the vast majority of overseas students feel a special warmth, and jointly meeting the “spring season”. WUT's care for overseas students has been widely reported and highly praised by domestic and foreign media such as the website of the State Council Information Office, People's Daily Overseas Edition, Xinhuanet, Hubei Daily, Fiji Daily, and The Standard, Kenya.

Multi-party Cooperation and Weaving Together a Net to Form an All-round Strict Prevention and Control Pattern

WUT has integrated the epidemic prevention and control of foreign students into the overall work plan of the university. At the beginning of the outbreak, it issued a “letter to overseas students in China” to guide foreign students to protect themselves. Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT, and President Zhang Qingjie have listened to the report many times and made clear requirements. They required that these units and departments, including the Institute of International Education, the School Hospital, the Post-guarantee Office, the Logistics Group, the Property Company, the International Exchange and Co-operation Office, cooperate closely and actively do well for foreign students in epidemic Prevention and control and build a protection network for campuses, schools and buildings.

WUT’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters has repeatedly studied the epidemic prevention and control of overseas students and the safety protection of front-line staff. Wang Qiankun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT, Wang Fazhou, Vice President, and Wang Shijie, Vice President, coordinated and guided the special problems about the epidemic prevention and control of overseas students many times, and visited the front-line staff in the international student building to check the implementation of such measures.

The School of International Education quickly prevention and control emergency leading group. It aimed at the complex situation of more than 600 foreign students who live in ten international student buildings in three campuses, strengthened the leadership and division of responsibilities closely paid attention to the development and change of the epidemic, deployed and implemented prevention and control measures in advance according to the principle of territorial management.

The Education Management Center for International Students understood the location of the students at the first time, confirmed the specific address of these students studying in China but not in Wuhan, mastered their basic situation and regularly reported to the higher authorities. For students who stayed outward and had difficulties, it actively negotiated and dealt with these difficulties to make sure they are settled; for students who were in Wuhan but not at school, the center established an online liaison mechanism, and meanwhile, worked with the communities to ensure their security.

Kong Xiangen, the full time Deputy Secretary of Education Working Committee in Hubei Provincial, a member of the Provincial Department of Education, and Zhao Zegang , a second-level inspector of Department of Education in Hubei province successively came to WUT to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention and control of overseas students, and highly praised WUT’s prevention and control idea of the “Four Yes and Four No” prevention and control ideas Highly appraised, fully affirmed the achievements of foreign students' epidemic prevention work and put forward constructive and forward-looking suggestions.

Implement closed Management and Strengthen Daily Monitoring and Management Services for Overseas Students

“Closed management, daily temperature measurements, daily reports, no exceptions”. The university adopted strict closed management for overseas students, improved their life and study services, and built a barrier against the ‘epidemic’ to ensure the safety of overseas students' lives.

Dormitory management system would be strictly enforced to prohibit any outsiders from visiting. All the leaders of the School of International Education were on duty at the international student building. Through the WeChat official accounts, WeChat group, notice column, etc., the school released the knowledge and progress of epidemic prevention and control to international students to achieve full coverage of prevention and control publicity. It purchased and distributed 15,000 masks, 350 hand sanitizers and rubber gloves, 20 electronic thermometers, and 160 bottles of 84 disinfectant. The school disinfected public places every day, and registered the temperature of overseas students when entering and leaving the building.

WUT strengthened the logistics support, cooperated with the logistics department to purchase grain, oil, vegetables, etc., and regularly distributed them to ten international student buildings in three campuses, and provided fresh vegetables for free once a week. 17,000 kg of vegetables, 350 bags of rice noodles, cooking oil and eggs had been distributed. The school canteen and the East and West supermarket were open to the public on holidays. For students who were unable to go outside to buy essentials, the university provided a reliable guarantee for the life of international students through online order and door-to-door service.

WUT implemented humanistic care to warm people's hearts. The International Student Education Management Center tried its best to solve problems, issued various certificates for overseas students, and helped them to apply for visas. Sometimes, the center replaced overseas students to Wuhan Citizens' Home to get visas and passports. It arranged for vehicles to transport international students, helped them to cancel and order plane and train tickets, and accompanied and sent sick international students to see a doctor. It coordinated and allocated 300 degrees of free domestic electricity for each overseas student to ensure their usage of electricity, water and network.

WUT strengthened mental health education and provided psychological comfort and emotional counseling provision to international students. The International Students’ Office organized international students to shoot videos, write articles, cheer for Wuhan and China; organized students to report safety activities to their families; sent Chinese and English learning materials about traditional Chinese culture; organized Chinese calligraphy competitions, poetry recitations and song singing online competitions, etc. to enrich the lives of overseas students. International students gradually reduced their panic and then expressed their gratitude through various ways. Some students also recorded small videos and made posters to express their confidence and determination to win the anti-epidemic defense.

Heart to Heart to Fight against the Epidemic and Relay Positive Energy

“I have personally experienced the power of China, and I cherish the life of studying abroad in Wuhan more!” The majority of international students either cheered for Wuhan by recording small videos, or volunteered to join the forefront of the epidemic prevention, making contributions to the anti-epidemic with their practical actions. The international students also actively wrote articles to introduce what they saw and heard and their true feelings in their schools and in Wuhan, which played a positive role in promoting the good image of our university, Wuhan and China.

Aubin, a civil engineering student from Gabon, is the Secretary General of the International Cultural Exchange Association of WUT. After the campus was closed for management, he called on students to form an anti-epidemic group and used mobile phones, power banks, masks, and disinfectants as combat weapons to distribute medical supplies, vegetables and food for international students. The group also assisted the masters of dormitory management to measure the temperature of students and check their health, helped students to relieve tension, and established a food workshop to bake bread.

Valen Kapoor, an international student from Fiji, has contributed to the mainstream media in Fiji for a few days, introduced his own study and life in Wuhan to the people of his hometown in the South Pacific, and gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to China for fighting the epidemic. In an interview with the Fiji Sun Daily recently, he said, “China’s professionalism and care for the people in fighting the epidemic cannot be achieved by any other country. As an international student in Wuhan, I am proud to witness these moments.”

A Daifei, a graduate overseas student from Yemen, used his own anti-epidemic diary to let everyone see the confidence of international students in overcoming this epidemic. “I keep in touch with everyone through WeChat every day, asking them if they need help and comforting them that everything will be fine. We must be more patient, understanding and tolerant to Wuhan, because this city is always in my mind, and it is my second hometown. "

Eastman is a 36-year-old doctoral student from Somalia. His wife is from Wuhan. His families were in quarantine in Haikou on Lunar New Year's Day and a special “Spring Festival holiday” was launched. In an interview with the BBC, he said, “Our feelings at the quarantine point are completely different from the negative news online. I think it is very necessary to introduce my personal experience to you so that you can understand the real situation in China.”

There are a large number of students cheering for China, Wuhan, and WUT in the Wechat Moments and media through text, photos, and videos. These greetings come from dozens of different countries and regions such as Pakistan, Syria, Mongolia, and Sudan.

Meet Together for Thousands of Miles to Fight against the Epidemic

“As long as one has a true friend, he is close even when far away”, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK, which is thousands of miles away from Wuhan, China, has been working closely with our school in the long term joint school running. At the time of the outbreak, there were more than 100 Chinese students abroad in the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, most of whom were students from Hubei key universities.

With the outbreak the epidemic, the university responded quickly and convened an emergency meeting to deploy health and safety protection work. It required all staff to participate in the epidemic prevention and showed great attention and concern for students in school, especially Chinese students in the UK.

Afterwards, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, as a well-known university in the UK, took the lead in expressing its support and blessings to China's anti-epidemic, and sent a video and letter of condolence to WUT. The university also issued fundraising initiatives to its all teachers, students, staff and international cooperative partners, including Ford Motor Company and the Sony Center in Japan. Faculty and students from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David donated a total of £20,000 to support WUT to fight against the epidemic. This is the largest amount of donation in the universities from the UK to date.

Many other overseas cooperative colleges and universities, foreign embassies and consulates in China and other organizations and individuals have sent letters to WUT to express their good wishes to the Chinese people to fight against the epidemic and express their greetings and support to WUT. At a critical moment, when the Chinese people were fighting against COVID-19, the encouragement and support of overseas cooperative colleges and universities exemplified the friendship and mutual trust between the two sides, and also strengthened our determination to overcome the virus. WUT will continue to make lasting efforts to fight the epidemic to protect the health and safety of all teachers and students!