Vice President Wang Fazhou Visited International Students and Front-line Staff

On the morning of March 13th, Vice President Wang Fazhou visited  international students and front-line staff at the N9 International Student Dormitory in Nanhu Campus. He emphasized that in the critical period of fighting the epidemic, the safety work of overseas students must be carried out in a practical, detailed manner. The personnel of the management department of international students must stick to their posts, keep the victory that has been achieved, and win this war against the epidemic as soon as is possible.

In the international student dormitory building, Vice President Wang Fazhou inspected the material supplies and dormitory management, and listened to the work report on students’ mental health status, psychological counseling, medical treatment for illness, and emotional care published by Fang Shengxin, Deputy Secretary of the School of International Education, and Li Li, Deputy Dean of the school.

Vice President Wang Fazhou fully affirmed what the international student management team did in the period of early epidemic prevention, and staggered achievements it made. He pointed out that at present the main task is to protect the physical and mental health of international students. We must actively prevent and control various physical and emotional problems that international students may encounter because they have been in isolation in the dormitory for a long period of time, and to explore how to help students achieve moderate fitness, relax mood and relieve pressure by carrying out indoor sports activities online or sending related film and television materials of physical exercise. He emphasized that under the premise of ensuring that there are no imported cases, the team should carefully and comprehensively do well in psychological counseling and assistance and sympathy for overseas students to ensure the safety and stability of the campus.