WUT Orderly Pushes to Return to School Work and the Normalization of Education and Teaching

WUT is organizing an orderly return to work and for the normalization of education and teaching. Meanwhile, it strengthens the epidemic prevention and control and realizes the normalization of prevention and control. In early April, the “2020 WUT Work Layout Meeting” and “Epidemic Prevention and Control and Return Back to Work Layout Meeting” were held successively to coordinate the deployment of school epidemic prevention and control and annual education and teaching. At the same time, a series of specific work meetings were held to promote fully the normalization of online teaching, discipline construction, scientific research, preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, target poverty alleviation and other related work.

Recently, reporters visited some colleges, scientific research bases and public service units to investigate the situation that WUT implemented the 2020 university work arrangement meeting and the epidemic prevention and control and return back to work arrangement meeting.

The reporters learned that all units of WUT implemented not just the explicit requirements but also the spirit of the 2020 university work arrangement meeting, set up an epidemic prevention and control and return back to work group, and formulated an implementation plan for return back to work, organized a party-government joint meeting, faculty and staff meeting to convey and learn the spirit of school work arrangement meeting, and study the unit's work of returning to school work and education and teaching. Based on the annual target tasks and the “13th Five-Year Plan” target tasks, the colleges and scientific research bases strived to improve the quality of online teaching and orderly promoted scientific research. The Public Service Department was well placed to provide a return to normalized of education and teaching.

Epidemic prevention and control are not being relaxed, and education and teaching are not slack. At present, all departments and units of WUT are planning to return to work, carefully deploying key education and teaching jobs, and carrying forward the spirit of the construction of Fire God Mountain hospital. They are striving to overcome the impact of COVID-19 on teaching and scientific research, and trying their best to complete the annual work goals and tasks in order to finish the “13th Five-Year Plan” successfully and to make greater contributions.