WUT and Overseas Cooperative Partners Work Together to Fight against the “Epidemic”

“Good friends feel close even when they are thousands of miles apart”. Under the circumstance of positive results of prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in China and rapid spread of the epidemic in overseas countries, in late March, the first batch of epidemic prevention materials donated by WUT were sent from the university’s Xianhu laboratory in Foshan to some overseas cooperative colleges and universities with severe epidemic, such as the University of Calabria, Italy, and Aix-Marseille University, France. Recently, masks, protective clothing, goggles and other protective materials donated by other colleges and universities have been sent to more than 30 overseas cooperative partners of WUT to France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Israel, Slovakia, Sweden, the United States and other countries.

“You throw a peach to me; I give you a white jade for friendship”. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a large number of overseas cooperative colleges and universities have sent letters, prevention and control materials and donations to express their concern and support to WUT. Nowadays, with the epidemic becoming more and more serious in foreign countries, the university pays ever closer attention to the epidemic in those countries where the cooperative partners are located.

President Zhang Qingjie has sent consolatory letters with the theme of “working together to fight against the virus and looking forward to the coming of spring” to more than ten partner universities such as the University of Surrey, the University of Birmingham, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Brunel University, the University of Lorraine, Aix Marseille University, the Tohoku University, etc., and to more than 100 experts from universities, research institutes such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Worcester Institute of Technology, Northwest University, Oxford University, Dundee University, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Engineering, Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Polytechnic University of Turin, Israel Institute of Technology, Tokyo University, Nanyang Technological University, Seoul National University, University of Toronto, The University of Newcastle (Australia), and so on. President Zhang Qingjie pointed out in the letters that the key of dealing with the epidemic is to unite and cooperate with each other. WUT will actively provide epidemic prevention materials, within its capabilities, for the universities and foreign experts in need, and look forward to the future work and life, back on exchange and cooperation of both sides as soon as possible.

After receiving sincere greetings and donations from our university, these cooperative colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, experts and scholars expressed their gratitude and they praised the effectiveness of China's “anti-epidemic” approach and hope for global solidarity to fight against the epidemic.

Among them, Calabria University (Italy), which received the first batch of materials, released news on its official website, local and regional media to express its gratitude to WUT for its great support in its epidemic prevention and control.

President of the University of Surrey (UK) said that China's cohesion and action fighting COVID-19 are admirable. The University of Surrey will work together to explore new ways of cooperation with international partners such as Wuhan University of Technology, continue to build a global network of cooperation, and jointly address global challenges with renewed vigor and strong determination. We should not be knocked down by crisis, and it should inspire our fighting spirit and urge us to continuously improve.

The Dean of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science stated that the material donations and sincere greetings from WUT truly showed that under the spread of the global epidemic, no matter if it is a single country or the entire world, we should work together and support each other in order to fight the epidemic well. Czechoslovak Academy of Science, especially the Biomedical Research Center of the Academy of Sciences, has been committed to the research and monitoring of the national health system, and will firmly promote close cooperation with WUT in related fields and looks forward to further success in the future.

The Director of the Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Material Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences said that he was very pleased to learn that China is gradually returning to normal production and life. China has been ahead of Russia in the fight against the epidemic and China's experience in combating the epidemic should be taken as an example by others. The difficulties caused by the epidemic will not hinder cooperation and friendship in the field of science. I hope to arrange reciprocal visits with scholars from WUT in the near future.

Professor Gomei of the University of Lorraine (France) suggested that the epidemic will have a far-reaching impact on the world. People in the fields of education and science around the world should fulfill their common commitment to scientific research, talent training and future society. An international academic conference in the field of energy storage materials will be held in Lorraine, France in 2021. He hopes that China can participate in it and that scientists from China and France can make consistent efforts for sustainable future human development.

The Dean of the Materials Department of University of California, Davis, blessed China in his reply and wished Wuhan citizens can overcome the epidemic completely. He collected a Chinese painting more than thirty years ago with poems “like the swallows in the painting, Professor Mu Nier comes to Wuhan every spring.” He said that no difficulties could affect the friendship that has been established for over 30 years. When COVID-19 recedes in the public conscience and becomes a historical episode, the two sides would continue to resume the normalization of cooperation and jointly move forward with cooperation and exchanges.

The epidemic prevention and control battle in China have won the victory, and WUT provides help and support to overseas cooperative partners within its capabilities. Those letters of consolation and more than 40,000 pieces of protective materials that had been sent to foreign colleges and universities showed the confidence and determination that WUT is willing to work together with overseas friendly colleges and foreign experts. Also, it reflected WUT’s firm belief and responsibility in the fight against the “epidemic” at home and abroad.