Today, the first group of students home back to school!

“I am finally back!”

Today, the first group of students return to school.

The most beautiful road on campus is your way home.

Xin Sijin, Secretary of WUT’s Party Committee, Wang Shijie, vice president and heads of various executive departments waited at the entrance of the school, early in the morning to welcome the students back home.

The WUT’s self-developed intelligent prevention and control system with a campus E code can help students return to school in batches via information and big data techniques.

The signs such as ‘Your return, sound and safe, is the most beautiful scenery at the campus.’, ‘With WUT at your heart, home is always at your front.’ and anti-epidemic package including face masks, thermometers make our students feel warm.

“I just arrived in Wuhan yesterday.

The city seems to be back to normal now.

I feel deeply touched after five-mouth departure.”