The Navigation Digital Planetarium of WUT Was Officially Put into Use

On June 10, the Navigation Digital Planetarium of WUT was officially delivered and put into use. People who attended the delivery ceremony were heads of WUT’s Infrastructure Department, the Management Committee of Yujiatou Campus, the Management Department of State-owned Assets and Laboratory, the Financial Department, Network Information Center, School of Navigation, Design and Research Institute, Hubei Jinxi Construction Group Co., Ltd. and DOTELL Construction Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

People in charge of inspection and delivery work went to the Navigation Digital Planetarium for on-site inspection and then to the conference room on the first floor of the School of Navigation for exchanges of views. Those from Design and Research Institute, and the two companies introduced the self-evaluation of construction, design, and supervision of the project. Later, the Management Committee of Yujiatou Campus and School of Navigation (user) put forward their requirements of rectification on fire boxes, fire extinguishers, fire partitions, toilet facilities, stair lights.

As a matter of fact, there is a shortage of nautical science education base in Wuhan area. Thus, the navigation digital planetarium, the might-be nautical science education base of the Chinese Maritime Society, would greatly improve the quality and level of the nautical education facilities of WUT (reaching the level of nautical education experimental facilities of similar domestic and international universities), promote nautical education and qualities of maritime talents, and would also help to carry out out-of-school youth nautical science education and social practice.

The Navigation Digital Planetarium is next to the navigation building of Yujiatou Campus (Southern District). It was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2017 and started on December 26, 2018, and completed on December 26, 2019. The total construction fund is about 14 million yuan, self-raised by the School of Navigation (the development fund of the School and the fund for the completion of the research project of the leader), and supported by the university fund at 1:1 ratio. The total area is 3600.15 square meters, with the total construction area reaching 2268.11 square meters. The height of the building is 3 floors (partially 4 floors) with the dome height being 23.24 meters. It is composed of the building (used as a base), spherical body, playback equipment, and control equipment, astronomical instruments, science exhibition hall, academic lecture hall, laboratory, etc.. The Planetarium can accommodate about 60 visitors each time.