WUT Commencement 2020 for Graduates Was Held

On June 22, Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) Commencement 2020 was held at the West Auditorium of Mafangshan Campus. More than 13,000 graduates of WUT witnessed this ceremony, on the spot or online.

With the solemn national anthem, the graduation ceremony began at 10 a.m. Witnessed by teachers, schoolmates, family and friends, the graduates bid farewell to campus life and started their new journey.

"Due to the COVID-19, we get together here today in this special way. Although thousands of miles apart, we are still connected as a whole. Despite Alma mater changes the way to hold graduation ceremony, it will never change the expectations and blessings to you." President Zhang Qingjie expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the 2020 graduates with affectionate words. He praised the graduates who fought the COVID-19 on the front line and studied diligently to resist the epidemic, for their fully demonstration of the responsibilities of WUT’s students in the new era. He delivered a speech entitled “Bravely shoulder the mission, Live up to Youth”, and put forward sincere requirements and hopes to all graduates.

He put forward hopes to students. He hopes that students will always carry forward the retrograde spirit of willingly to make dedication and take responsibility, and become the fighters in the forefront of the times; He hopes that students will always keep up with the times and adhere to the spirit of innovation, and become the pioneers in the forefront of the times; He hopes that students will always have the courage to be the first and care about the country, become the devotee at the forefront of the times; He hopes that the students will practice WUT’s spirit of " Sound in Morality, Broad in Learning and Pursuing Excellence" in the process of pursuing their dreams and building their country, fully demonstrate the responsibility of the young generation, and contribute their youth and strength to realize the Chinese dream of great Chinese nation rejuvenation.

“You don’t need to be what we want you to be. Because your future will be far beyond our imagination. If you still need our blessing. Well then. Surge on, young generations.” President Zhang expressed his deep blessings to all the 2020 graduates with a sentence from "New Wave" which became popular during the Youth Day this year.

Xin Sijin, secretary of WUT’s party committee, awarded honorary certificates to outstanding graduate representatives. President Zhang, awarded degrees to the representatives of the graduates on site, turned their tassel and took photos with them.

WUT has prepared a graduation commemorative gift package for the 2020 graduates, which will be delivered to them by mail. All graduates in 2020 will carry on their Alma master's wishes and start their own journey with excellence spirit.