Volunteer from WUT Participated in the Meeting "Adolescent and Youth Engagement in the Times of COVID-19 " Held by the United Nation

On the morning of July 3, the meeting "Adolescent and Youth Engagement in the Times of COVID-19 " was held online. The meeting was hosted by UNICEF. Recommended by the All-China Youth Federation and the Chinese Youth Volunteers Association(CYVA),  Zhou Yuan from WUT participated in this meeting as the only representative of Chinese youth and shared her volunteer experience during the epidemic prevention and control period.

Zhou Yuan delivered a six-minute English speech. She said that during the epidemic, the CYVA quickly established provincial, municipal, and county-level epidemic prevention and control system. They organized and mobilized young volunteers to participate in epidemic prevention work  scientifically and orderly. More than 12,000 young students from WUT served as volunteers in epidemic prevention and control. They participated in  raising funds and materials, providing support for communities, supermarkets and transportation system, and promoting the dissemination of COVID-19 knowledge and information. During the prevention and control period of COVID-19, Zhou Yuan participated in online publicity volunteer activities to convey hope and solidarity to the citizens in Wuhan, and organized young volunteers from WUT to participate in the Special Volunteer Service" Hand in Hand with the Families of Anti-epidemic Front-line Medical Staff ". She Provided online counseling, academic support and other voluntary services for the children of front-line medical staff who fought against the epidemic. Zhou Yuan said that she, like the majority of young Chinese volunteers, has benefited a lot and accumulated experience in the anti-epidemic volunteer service, and has further understood the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress" in practice.

Zhou Yuan's sharing was highly advocated by the participants. The guests at the meeting were heartened by the positive contributions made by Chinese young volunteers during the epidemic prevention and control period. Some experts at the meeting paid tribute to Chinese young volunteers through online interaction.

Zhou Yuan comes from the 1701 Youth League Branch of International Trade of the School of Economics, and serves as the vice president of the Young Volunteers Association of WUT. She completed more than 150 hours volunteer work. She initiated the "Fingertip Classroom" action to help seniors to use the Internet and smart phones, and founded the "Star Food Collection" project to develop innovative dessert making technology suitable for people with mental disabilities and other disabilities. More than that, she developed an online platform to promote employment for the disabled. Meanwhile, she also actively participated in large-scale volunteer service activities such as the Military World Games and Wuhan International Marathon.

It is reported that the meeting "Adolescent and Youth Engagement in the Times of COVID-19 " aims to summarize and share useful experiences of youth engaged in the battle against COVID-19, and actively advocate to provide the creative space and platforms for young people around the world. Furthermore, it mobilizes adolescents to participate in national and local epidemic prevention plans, coordinates government agencies, public health and medical institutions, civil organizations, academic and research institutions, and young volunteers to work together to fight the epidemic. Zhou Yuan showed the demeanor of Chinese youth and Chinese youth volunteers in the new era to young people around the world, which is a vivid manifestation of "telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voice".