WUT customized exclusive graduation gifts for the 2020 graduates

Recently, WUT customized the exclusive graduation gifts for the 2020 graduates. These gifts were sent to every new graduate by mail. Everyone "showed" the long-awaited "graduation gift" through Moments and Tik Tok and praised it as a significant gift.

WUT has been considering how to make these special graduates impressed in such "unusual graduation season" since the beginning of May. After rounds of discussions and repeated revisions, a series of graduation season activities with the theme of "leaving a graduation memory", "presenting a set of graduation gift" and "tasting a graduation meal" were finally determined.

In front of many landmark buildings on each campus of the university, many graduation season exclusive landmarks such as graduation photo panels and signature walls with the theme of "pursuing ideal and being with "ideal" are set up. Each of the 2020 graduates of WUT will receive a graduation gift containing a commemorative box, a customized badge, a alumni letter, and a shirt. What’s more, graduation commemorative meal vouchers are issued to every graduate who returns to school to attend the graduation ceremony.

Up to July 12, all 13,258 graduation gift boxes have been sent out by mail and will be delivered to every graduate. Later, the Office of Social Cooperation and Alumni Work Office will continue to track the mailing status of all gift boxes to ensure 100% receipt by graduates.

A different graduation season and a graduation gift with heart and affection bring graduates a full sense of ritual.