Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT,Led a Delegation to Visit Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.

On September 2nd, Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT, together with Xia Jiangjing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT and other company visited Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. an in-depth communication was held on the issues including strategic development plan and school-enterprise cooperation. The delegation from WUT including relative representatives from the Social Cooperation and Alumni Office, the Center for Sci-Tech achievement transformation, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, and the School of Computer Science and Technology.

At the symposium, You Zheng, the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Dongfeng Company, illustrated the "14th Five-Year Plan" that Dongfeng is arranging. Deputy Secretary Xia introduced the development of WUT, especially the cooperation performance of WUT and Dongfeng in recent years such as scientific and technological cooperation and talent training, He also proposed some suggestions for the further cooperation between WUT and Dongfeng such as renew the agreement of school-enterprise comprehensive strategic cooperation.

Secretary Xin expressed his gratitude to Dongfeng Company for its for years support to WUT, he consoled the alumni that working in Dongfeng, and congratulated Dongfeng for its brilliant achievements. He mentioned that, upon the unexpected COVID-19 period, the spirit of take responsibility and dedication demonstrated by Dongfeng Company is admirable; For continue years, WUT has always adhered to the development path of creating advantages with major characteristics, serving the development of the industry and cultivating talents for industry enterprises . Dongfeng 's "14th Five-Year plan" is a great assistance of the mid & long-term development plan, as well as the "14th Five-Year plan" that WUT is making. Secretary Xin also invited Chairman Zhu Yanfeng and other leading managers of Dongfeng Company to participate in the "Double First Class" Construction and Cooperation Development Strategy Forum held by WUT in October, and accepted the development suggestions leaders and experts made for WUT.

Chairman Zhu Yanfeng extended his welcome to the visit of Secretary Xin and his company and expressed his admiration for the rapid development of WUT in recent years. He said that the progress of the automobile industry is closely intertwined with the development of science and technology, in that case, the development of Dongfeng Company is a complementary to that of WUT. He hops that WUT and Dongfeng will continue to expand cooperation fields and deepen cooperation procedure to form a higher and more update cooperation model and mechanism, and wishes the school-enterprise cooperation WUT made could lead the way.

Before the symposium, Secretary Xin and the delegation, accompanied by Chairman Zhu , visited the exhibition hall and the latest motor models of Dongfeng Company.