New Semester, a New Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence!

After a long vocation, with the reunion of the students, the campus is full of atmosphere of youth, regained its former vitality. On September 7th, the first day of school, with the ranging of the familiar class bell, WUT entered the second semester of 2020. Teachers and students start their new journey with high spirit.


At the early morning, wind is sweeping gently .busy figures have already appeared in the laboratories, libraries, and teaching buildings, they are teachers and students of WUT, they work in an orderly manner with high spirit and vigor.

Set up new goals and make new plans. In the new semester, best wishes for all of you :Live up to the youth. Start a journey from WUT, buffet your way through the waves and write a new chapter of forge ahead!

For continue days, in order to ensure a safe, warm, and orderly learning and living environment for students after returning to school, WUT has carefully  arranged a series of measures, and has done a lot of preparing work. Since September 4th, the main library and branch libraries of WUT will gradually resume their normal operation. At 8:30 in the morning, student came in droves and formed a long line in front of libraries. Nearly 9 o'clock, the reading room was full of learning students ,they were immersed in reading and taking notes. It is recorded that, on the first day of opening, libraries accommodated 1,349 reserved readers, and 1,810 books were borrowed and returned.