Students Won the First Prize of the 15th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

From August 18th to 21st, the final competition of the 15th China Graduate Electronics Design “Zhaoyi Innovation Cup” Contest was held in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. The contest was held under the guidance of the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center, co-founded by the Association of Chinese Graduate Education, the Children and Youth Science Center, and the Chinese Institute of Electronics. Students from WUT won 6 national awards, including 1 first prize and 2 second prizes in technology, 1 second prize in entrepreneurship, and 1 second prize and 1 third prize in enterprise propositions. Meanwhile, WUT has won the Best Organization Award and Outstanding Contribution Award.

The China Graduate Electronics Design Contest is a Graduate Discipline Competition co-hosted by the Association of Chinese Graduate Education, the National Graduate Education Steering Committee, and the Chinese Institute of Electronics. It is one of the main contests of the "National Postgraduate Innovation Practice Series" hosted by the Degree Center. It is a teamwork activity in electronic design innovation and creative practice for graduate students in China. It is also a key national contest for universities and research institutes.

The purpose of the contest is to promote the training mode reform and innovative teaching of information and electronic for graduate students, to improve the practical ability, innovation and teamwork spirit, and to create opportunities for outstanding talents. 3,818 teams from 262 universities and research institutes across the country with more than 15,000 graduate students participated in the contest. The competition was initially operated by the preliminary contests of 8 sub-contests areas and finally 402 projects from 109 colleges and universities advanced to the national final.

Since April 2020 , the start of the competition, WUT, as the organizer of the Central China Division, has scientifically planned, carefully organized, and actively communicated with other parties and finally overcame the difficulties caused by the COVID epidemic. The competition information have been posted through multiple channels. WUT has also positively encouraged teachers and students to sign up for the competition, extensively collected entries for the competition, organized experts to review and evaluate the entries, and made every effort to ensure the smooth running of the competition. All of its works have been highly praised by the competition organizing committee, teachers, students and experts, which also laid a solid foundation for WUT’s excellent performances in the national finals.