Vice President of Wuhan Committee of CPPCC Visited WUT for Hydrogen Energy Industry Developing

On the morning of September 11, GaoXiaomin, party member and vice president of Wuhan Committee of CPPCC and heads of the Committee, Science and Technology Bureau and Bureau of Economy and Information Technology visited WUT for Hydrogen Energy industry developing. President Zhang Qingjie and vice president Chen Wen, with heads of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, No.712 research institute of CSIC, CUG, and Troowin Power System Technology Co, Ltd. attended the forum.

Gan said that WUT, together with industrial entrepreneurs and experts, has done an efficient work in hydrogen energy industry in Wuhan with their grand horizon. Meanwhile, more efforts should be made to put forward industrial strategic plans and build a specific team to promote its development. By doing so, the hydrogen energy industry in Wuhan could enjoy a stronger and bigger developing .

President Zhang Qingjie remarked it was an excellent strategic thinking that the municipal party committee and government integrated advanced technologies and high skilled technicians to boost the development of ten high level industries. He also suggested that  a special group should be formed to make scientific, authoritative and forward-looking plans on the development of the industry, which could achieve a balance between development plans, hydrogen energy industries, relative resources, innovation systems, policies and breakthrough events to promote the development.

In the forum, experts from WUT and enterprises introduced the current development and difficulties they faced, and put forward suggestions to the industry developing.