WUT's Warm Welcome for the 2020 Freshmen with Dreams

On September 13, WUT welcomed the 2020 freshmen who will start a new life here after experiencing the college entrance exam during the epidemic.

In the morning, Boxue Square in the South Lake campus and square in front of the library in Yujiatou campus saw colorful and tidy tents and orderly banners to welcome WUT’s freshmen. The staff of all schools and service stations and volunteers in green provided services for newcomers. Xin Sijin, Wang Qiankun, Zhao Jing, Wang Shijie and other leaders of WUT greeted students and their parents, and delivered sincere gratitude to the staff and student volunteers.

With great creativity, all schools have made KT board for freshmen to take photos as the precious memories. These warm and creative services and measures demonstrated different features of each school and also left the first warm impression to those students.

Secretary Xin Sijin and his entourage also visited all the registration spots, talked to new students and volunteers about their current situations and praised their efforts. 

During the visit, leaders took photos with some students and their parents. They also made suggestions and expectation for students’ study and lives, and hoped students could set their life plans and realize them. Relative departments were asked to be warm, careful and considerate to help students to overcome all difficulties and adapt new life soon.

In 2020, WUT enrolled 9,241 new undergraduates. Under the background of epidemic regular prevention and control measures, WUT took the way of welcoming students online and performing a on-site ceremony and finished every step of registration, which helped to build an ardent, considerate, safe and warm welcoming event for her students.