WUT Held Opening Ceremony and Military Training Orientation Meeting for 2020 Freshmen

On the morning of September 20th, opening ceremony and military training orientation meeting for 2020 freshmen was held in Boxue Square in the South Lake campus and stadium in Yujiatou campus. Xin Sijin, Secretary of WUT’s party committee, President Zhang Qingjie, Wu Jinsheng, Liaison Officer of CPC Construction of Ministry of Education, Li Wencong, Vice-Chief of Staff(VCS) of No.133 Brigade of airborne troops, Wang Qiankun and Xia Jiangjing, Deputy Secretary of WUT’s party committee,, Vice President Liu Zuyuan, Chen Wen, Liu Jiangchun, and Wang Shijie presented the ceremony, together with heads of relevant administration departments of WUT and all schools and all freshmen. Vice President Wang Fazhou hosted the ceremony.

National anthem led the opening ceremony.




President Zhang Qingjie gave the first lesson, namely, “treasuring the great era, cherishing the green years” to the students. He said, “you have experienced the most severe and once-in-a-century pandemic, the solidarity of entire nation and heroic undertakings to save lives. I am sure such experience must make you proud and grateful of being a Chinese. All of you will be on the dream team for striving to realize the Chinese Dream. I hope you can learn from and practice China's spirit in combating the COVID-19 -- putting people's lives first, solidarity, sacrifice, respecting science and a sense of mission for humanity with firm faith and strong patriotic feelings. I hope you make arduous efforts during your college years and create a bright future.”




Zhang also pointed out that he hoped the new WUTers should salute our great country and devote their entire life to love and strive for it. They should learn from heroes who take the whole country into consideration. With courage, confidence, unsung contributions and efforts, they can have an extraordinary life. He hoped that students can strive to realize dream. He hoped that students should integrate personal dream with national destiny, acquire new knowledge, foster creativity and skills to can make their own contribution to the national rejuvenation.


Vice President Wang Shijie addressed for the military training . He said all drillmaster and students should reasonably arrange their training activities and put safety first. Training can build up both knowledge and body, and all workers should provide assistance for students. At last, he noted all participant can start the splendid journey with high morale.



Freshman representative Cheng Tao from the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Zhou Kaiwen from School of Computer Science and Technology made a speech respectively. They expressed their excitement and proud of realizing their dream after COVID-19and promised that they would be firm in ideals and cherish hard-won learning opportunity. In the future, with knowledge, skills and perseverance, they would grow into a responsible youth who can shoulder the important task of national rejuvenation.





Xin Sijin, Secretary of WUT’s party committee, presented flag to military training team.