Art Education Achievements Showfor the 20th Anniversary of WUT's Merger


To celebrate the 122 years history and the 20th anniversary of the merger, Wuhan University of Technology(WUT) held an art show named “Art Education Achievements Show for the 20th Anniversary of WUT's Merger" at South Lake Gymnasium and student activity center on the Yujiatou Campus respectively, during October 6th to 7th.




Attendees of the meeting WUT's High-quality Development Strategic Cooperation in the Post-epidemic Era and the 20th Anniversary of Merger, enjoyed the show, including leaders at all levels, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, leaders of state-owned enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, leaders of administration departments and enterprises and institutions, heads of local governments and departments, heads and representatives of alumni associations, leaders of WUT since its merger, teachers and student representatives. The show was also presented in real time through network broadcast, with 136,000 people celebrating together through network. In the show, they shared the memory of the profound history, glorious dreams, hardworking spirit and extraordinary achievements of WUT.




With the joyous Chinese traditional percussion music Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger, the show was started. The martial arts performance Chinese Martial Spirit reproduced the achievements of WUT's physical education, vividly demonstrated traditional Chinese Kung Fu such as Tai Chi, swordsmanship and pair training, and interpreted the power and beauty of Chinese martial arts, it won applause from the audience. The opera program Ode to Pear Blossom and Towards Rejuvenation, jointly performed by the national first-class actors of the Provincial Peking Opera Theater and teachers and students from WUT, amazed the audience at the moment the actors started to sing. The audience listed quietly, they savored the essence of the Chinese culture and felt the its charm.




The instrumental ensemble programmed Music-loving Journey presented a wonderful audio-visual feast to the audience with skillful playing techniques and elegant artistic style. The song Chinese Virtue expressed the love for the Chinese nation with a pleasant voice. The mixed chorus Angel's Figure and You Raise Me Up paid tribute to the retrogrades who fought against the Covid-19 epidemic and praised the great anti-epidemic spirit.




The poem recitation; Road to Excellence performed by alumni and teachers and students reviewed the history of WUT's century-old development in detail, Sand painting master painted on site according to the theme. The dancing program; Dream Cube combines music, dance, and poem recitations, vividly expressing the ambitions of all members in WUT:"serve the country by education" and "serve the country with science and technology". The instrumental ensemble performance Root Loving expresses the deep feelings between the alma mater and more than 600,000 alumni.




The original song Dream of Youth expressed the high-spirited fighting spirit and the continuous pursuit of excellence of students in WUT on make contribution to the motherland and national rejuvenation with their youth and talent. The traditional dance Waerezu was full of strong sense of Qiang's traditional culture.




With the beautiful melody of Sleepless Tonight, the party ended successfully.



This show was one of the series of cultural activities of the 20th anniversary of WUT's merger, and its programs covered a variety of art forms such as dance, martial arts, chorus, opera, and recitation. It aimed to show WUT's achievements in management and education since its merger, develop the consensus of unity and hard-working, enhance the boundless power of love and honor, and inspire each member in WUT to start again toward excellence.