Notice about the"China Recitation" Chinese Classics Recitation Contest
Update Time:2021-04-20 14:14:03

Theme: Inheriting Chinese Classics

Competition Time: April 2021 to July 2021

Participants: All international students from Wuhan University of Technology

Schedule and Arrangement of Competition:

(I) Preliminary Competition (Collection of Works): April 20th - April 25th.

Submit audio works through WeChat applet. For more details, please check on the files in WeChat group.

(II) The Semifinal: It will be held in the library of Wuhan University of Technology in mid-May.

(III) The Final: After the semifinal, the school will arrange training sessions for winners, and record the final work before July 5th to participate in the provincial finals.

Requirements Related to the Preliminary Competition:

(I) The content of reading should be Chinese with a clear theme and positive content. It should be the classic poems and essays of ancient, modern or contemporary China that have social influence and reflect the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and show love and yearning for a better life.

(II) There isno restriction on the type of material to be read. It can be poetry, prose or chapters of literary chapters.

(III) At the beginning of the audio of the preliminary competition work, the Chinese name of the contestant, the sending organization (School of International Education) and the name of the work should be recorded. The length of the work should be no more than three minutes.

(IV) Each contestant can only submit one work, andthe maximum number of readers for each work should not exceed 5 people. Prizes will be awarded according to the works.

Form Requirements:

Collective recitation is encouraged in groups.


First Prize – (3 People eligible)

Second Prizes– (5 People eligible)

Third Prizes– (8 People eligible)

Winners will receive prizes and certificates in the final issued by the School of International Education.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email:

NOTE: Students who are interested in participating in the competition can join the WeChat group: 

International Student Office,

School of International Education

April20, 2021.

Written by: Jodie Wang

Edited by:Li Li, David Hu, Zhou Tongtong