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The library of Wuhan University of Technology consists of four main buildings, covering an area of 7.3 hectares and more than 6200 reading seats. The four main libraries are Nanhu Library, Xiyuan Library, Dongyuan Library and Yujiatou Library.

At present, the library has more than 3.2 million printed documents and more than 70 databases (including more than 260 sub databases) in various Chinese and foreign languages. The database contains more than 30000 kinds of e-journals, more than 5.8 million e-books, and more than 8.5 million e-dissertations, as well as conference papers, scientific and technological reports, technical standards, patents and other kinds of documents, covering all disciplines and specialties of our university. The 24 branch libraries (reference rooms) of the 24 departments and institutions of WUT form a comprehensive library system which can satisfy all students’ and teachers’ requests for literature resources.