[Academic Report] Characteristics of and Rapid Detection Technology for Major Respiratory Viruses
Update Time:2022-01-06 10:00:00

Report title: Characteristics of and Rapid Detection Technology for Major Respiratory Viruses

Report time: 10: 00 a.m, 7 January Friday, 2022.

Venue: Room 707, Conference Center ( Desheng Building ), West Campus , Wuhan University of Technology

Introduction to the reporter:

Professor Xu Ke is the winner of the National Excellent Youth Science Fund. She is mainly engaged in the research on the pathogenic mechanism of respiratory viruses such as influenza virus and coronavirus, and has successfully developed new universal virus vaccine and small molecule antiviral candidate drugs. More than 40 SCI papers of Professor Xu Ke have been published in internationally renowned academic journals such as Nature, Cell Research, Protein&Cell, Nature Communications, PNAS, PLoS Pathogens, Journal of Virology, etc. Besides, several of her papers have been awarded as cover papers and highlight articles in Science China and Protein&Cell. She also serves on the editorial boards of some leading virology journals such as Viruses. As the team leader, Xu Ke has undertaken more than 10 national and provincial projects. She has obtained 4 national invention patent authorizationsandhas been authorized with 5 PCT international patents. As the chief inventor, she has also successfully transferred the patentof  antiviral new drugs and vaccine.  At present, Xu Ke holds many positions, including professor and doctoral tutor of the State Key Laboratory of Virology and School of Life Sciences of Wuhan University, deputy director of the Vaccine Research Institute of Wuhan University, chairman of the Biosafety Committee of the High-Level Biosafety Laboratory of Wuhan University, member of the Biosafety Assessment Expert Committee of the National Laboratory of Pathogenic Microorganisms, member of the Clinical Virology Group of the Chinese Medical Association, member of the Council of the Chinese Society of Bioengineering, and member of the Council of the Hubei Society of Bioengineering, etc. Awardswon by Professor Xu Keinclude the National Natural Science Foundation of China Excellent Youth Award, the European Influenza Virus Society Young Scientists Award, the British Newton Fund Young Talent Award, the Nomination Awardof 2021Outstanding Young Scientistsof China Association of Science and Technology, the outstanding members of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the SELF Award for the dissemination of scientific spirit, the Sanofi Young Scientists Award, the Outstanding Shanghai Young Scientists and so on.

Rewritten by: Luo Qiyun

Editor: Li Tiantian

Source: National Engineering Laboratory of Fiber Optic Sensing Technology