[Lecture] Academic Report of School of Management: Data, Knowledge and Decision Analytics
Update Time:2022-04-19 17:15:00

Theme: Data, Knowledge and Decision Analytics

Lecturer: Professor Yu-wang Chen, University of Manchester, the UK

Beijing Time: April 21, 2022, 15:00

Tecent Meeting ID: 696 569 263


Decision analytics allow individuals and organizations to transform data and aggregate knowledge to support informed decision making. However, real-world decision making problems are often characterized by multiple sources of data and different types of complex information. In this talk, I will briefly introduce my research on decision analytics in the context of data and uncertain knowledge, and illustrative examples will be used from the fields of both engineering and management.


Yu-wang Chen, graduated from SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) with a PhD in Engineering in 2008. He is currently a Professor at the University of Manchester,the UK, and a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. He conducted postdoctoral research at the Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University and the Centre for Decision and Cognitive Science Research, University of Manchester, from 2008 to 2011 respectively. His main research interests are intelligent information reasoning and decision making, systems science, data science and their applications in engineering and management. In recent years, he has been responsible for a number of research projects funded by Innovate UK, ERDF, EPSRC, NSFC and others as the project leader or principal author. He has published more than 100 papers in EJOR, IEEE T-SMC, EPA, C&OR, IS and other journals and international conferences, and has served as the associate editor or editorial board member of several international journals.

Edited byLiu Kexi, Li Tiantian

Source: School of Management