[Lecture] A Lecture of Doctor Peng Nianhua, the researcher of University of Surrey
Update Time:2022-04-26 15:07:22

Theme: Energetic ion beams for materials research

Beijing Time (GMT+08:00): 27th, April 2022, 20:00-22:00

Tencent Meeting ID: 233-901-129

Link: https://meeting.tencent.com/dm/xeeONpC7BfbI

Host: Associate Professor Luo Wen, WUT

Lecturer: Peng Nianhua, Ion Beam Centre, Universityof Surrey


Surrey Ion beam Centre, as the core of the UK National Ion Beam Centre, is a central facility funded by UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to provide energetic ion beams for modification and analysis of materials. The experimental facilities will be introduced first, followed by a few recent examples on the application of ion beam technology for research in semiconductor photonics, superconducting conductors and solid state electrolytes.


Dr Peng Nianhuais theBachelorof Semiconductor Physics, Wuhan University (1982), Master of Solid State Physics, Wuhan University(1985), and PhD of Solid State Physics, Cambridge University (1994). He worked at Wuhan University (1985-1988), Leeds University (1992-1994) and St Andrews University (1995-1997) before joining the Ion Beam Centre at the University of Surrey in 1998to focus on the application of high energy ion beam in material research.