The Belt and Road Youth English Speech Contest
Update Time:2022-04-29 13:00:00

WUT has a good cooperative relationship with China Daily which is of great influence in China. Now, it has entrusted our university to hold an English speech contest selection competition among international students in China.

Competition Requirements

1.Topic of the speech

As time goes by, all things are revealed

2. Speech language:


3. Speech time:

No more than 4 minutes

4. Applicants:

International students born after January 1st, 1995, not less than 20 participants

5. Registration period:

From April 26, 2022 to May 4, 2022

6. Other Requirements:

Applicants should fill in the registration form and submit the speech. The registration website is:

After the registration, the school will organize a speech contest, and the specific time and place of the contest will be announced later.

The whole process of the competition will be videotaped. At the same time, school teachers, speech experts and international students will be invited to form a judge group to evaluate the competition process. According to the evaluation results, five contestants from different countries will be selected to participate in the domestic rematch organized by China Daily.

The winners of the semi-finals will participate in the global semi-finals/finals held in China in August 2022. (According to the epidemic situation, China Daily will decide the form, time, place, etc. according to the specific situation.)

The global semifinals/finals will last for three days. For the contestants participating in the global semifinals/finals, the organizing committee will arrange cultural exchanges, tours and other activities outside the competition, and bear the cost of accommodation and transportation for the contestants during the competition in China.

Eligible international students are welcome to sign up to participate. Eligible IECA cadres and national representatives must participate.

Source:WHUT-ISO (WeChat Account)

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