[Lecture] The 360Heurist: A Complex Autonomous Robot Example
Update Time:2022-05-19 15:33:03

TopicThe 360Heurist: A Complex Autonomous Robot Example

Beijing TimeMay 25, 2022, Wednesday, 13:00-14:30

Tencent Meeting ID263-661-628

LecturerDr. Rob Deaves(Senior Principal Engineer of Dyson, Visiting Professor of Imperial College London)


The lecture will start with the ‘who’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the presentation:

   ‘who’ is the Visiting Professor?

   ‘why’ is he giving the lecture? 

   ‘what’ is he going to talk about?

The presentation is divided into two main parts: 

(i) an overview of main sub-systems of mass market, commercially available robotic vacuum cleaner, the Dyson 360Heurist

(ii) a review of robotic elements of the product. 

It is emphasised that the primary function is ‘cleaning’, coupled with a number of support functions including: UI, power system and robotics. A more detailed look at the robotic components of the robot will follow including the traction, sensors and SW/HW architecture; along with how the performance of the 360Heurist is measured.   

To conclude future work is presented including how AI will be included and a Q &A session.


Rob is a Senior Principal Engineer and is the Technical Lead for 360 Heurist™; a mass market commercial robotic vacuum cleaner and the most complex product at market from Dyson, to-date. He is also a UK Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at Imperial College London and has supported teaching at over 20 Universities across the UK and the World. He also chairs advisory boards for publicly supported projects worth £15M. Rob is a chartered engineer (C.Eng.), technology fellow (FIET), teaching fellow (FHEA) and learned fellow (FLSW).

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