[Lecture] Concrete Recycling-State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures
Update Time:2022-09-27 12:10:00

TopicConcrete Recycling

Beijing TimeSeptember 30, 2022, Friday, 15:00 

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Lecturer:  Prof.dr.ir. H.J.H. (Jos) Brouwers

Department of the Built Environment

Eindhoven University of Technology

The Netherlands

Abstract: ln this presentation, the smart recycling of concrete is addressed. Smart recycling means new crushing and separating techniques to obtain flows of relatively pure aggregates and cement stone, whereby the latter is tried to separate further in reacted and unreacted cement. Treatment of the flows, such as their accelerated carbonation, are introduced. Besides the material and processing techniques, also new characterization methods are presented to assess the phase composition of generated flows.

Brief introduction: Jos Brouwers is a Full Professor and Chair of Building Materials at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The chair Building Materials is devoted to the advancement and diffusion of knowledge concerning sustainable and functional building materials. Current research interests include Sustainable building, Granular mix design and concrete/mortar rheology, Treatment of industrial waste, and Functional materials, etc. He has published over 247 publications, of which almost half of them in refereed journals; and he is also sole author of almost one third of them. His research is among others funded by the European Commission, Dutch Technical Science FoundationDr.lr.Cornelis Lely Foundation, M2i and AgentschapNL, and by a sponsor group consisting of over 40 public and private organizations.

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Source: State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures