[Lecture] Preview of “Global Vision Lectures” (7)
Update Time:2023-10-16 17:52:00

Global Vision Lectures was initiated by the International Office of WUT, aiming at providing a high-level and multi-field international academic exchange platform for teachers and students by uniting teaching and scientific research units to hold a series of high-end academic lectures. This project is designed to promote scientific research exchanges, to broaden the international horizons of teachers and students, and to further enhance their international communication capacity. The seventh lecture will be held on October 18th, and the activity information is as follows:

Topic: Smart materials and devices& How to publish high-level papers and apply for well-known universities overseas

Lecturer: Professor Long Yi

Time: October 18th, 2023 (9:00am-12:00am), UTC+8

Venue: Conference Center 201, Mafangshan West Campus

Organizers: State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures& School of Materials Science and Engineering


With advanced scholarly attainments and high international academic influence in the field of intelligent Windows, Professor Long Yi is esteemedas an outstanding scientist in the discipline. Professor Long Yi graduated from the University of Cambridge, and is currently a tenured full professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and an academic editor of Materials Horizons, a well-known journal in the field.


Smart materials are most widely used in various applications including sensors, actuators, artificial muscles and so on. They are also known as intelligent or responsive materials which are designed materials with different properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled way by external stimuli, such as stress, electric or magnetic fields, light and temperature. In this talk, Professor Long Yi will report the progress of two most widely studied inorganic and organic smart materials, vanadium dioxide and hydrogel, and their applications in the energy saving smart window, stretchable devices as well as artificial muscles. At the same time, by her own experience, Professor Long Yi will introduce the methods of publishing high-level papers and how to apply for well-known universities overseas.

Rewritten by: Chao Yijia

Edited by: Wang Jingjing, Li Tiantian

Source: International Officeof WUT