[Lecture] Preview of "Global Vision Lectures"(10)
Update Time:2023-10-19 14:35:12

Global Vision Lectures was initiated by the International Office of WUT, aiming at providing a high-level and multi-field international academic exchange platform for teachers and students by uniting teaching and scientific research units to hold a series of high-end academic lectures. This project is designed to promote scientific research exchanges, to broaden the international horizons of teachers and students, and to further enhance their international communication capacity. The tenth lecture will be held on October 20th, and the activity information is as follows:

Topic: Lecture Series on Catalytic Materials

Lecturer: Professor Bert Weckhuysen

Host:Liu Yixuan, Yang Xiaoyu

Organizers:Xiong Kangyi, Zhu Ziheng

Zoom Meeting ID:621 3507 7679


Time:October20, 2023 (14:00-15:00), UTC+8


Bert Weckhuysen is the professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, the academician of European Academy of Sciences, the president of European Catalysis Association,and the Honorary Fellow of Chinese Chemical Society. He has published over 690 papers, with an H-index of 102. His research focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization and application of solid catalysts, and the use of in-situ Operando technology to study the catalytic process.

Rewritten by:Gong Mengting

Edited by: Wang Jingjing, Li Tiantian

Source:State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, School of Material Sciences, International School of Materials Science and Engineering, International Office ofWUT