[Lecture] Preview of “Global Vision Lectures” (13)
Update Time:2023-11-24 09:15:00

Global Vision Lectures is initiated by the International Office of WUT. It aims to unite academic and research units to organize high-level academic lecture series, providing a high-quality, multidisciplinary international academic exchange platform for the university's faculty and students. This platform is designed to promote research collaboration, broaden international horizons, and further enhance the internationalization capabilities of both faculty and students. The 13th lecture will be held on Friday, November 24th. The information is as follows:

Topic: Lecture Series on Photocatalytic Materials

Lecturer: Professor D.W. Bahnemann

Time: November 24th, 2023 (16:00 – 17:00), UTC+8

Host: Yao Yao, Yang Xiaoyu

Organizer: Zhou Zeen, Wang Lingling

Zoom Meeting ID: 671 8032 6200

Password: 260007


Professor D.W. Bahnemann is the Director of the Megagrant Laboratory "Photoactive Nanocomposite Materials" at St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia). He is a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and has published more than 460 papers with an H-index of 74, and his work has been cited over 37,000 times. His primary research focuses on the preparation and application of photocatalysts, the study of reaction kinetics, and the exploration of photocatalytic mechanisms.

Rewritten by: Wang Jingjing

Edited by: Yu Mengmei, Li Tiantian

Source: International Office of WUT, State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing