Professor Liao Hong was Selected as Advanced Individuals in Teacher’s Ethics
Update Time:2021-03-19 17:38:43

The Labor Union of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports in Hubei province just reported the results of the 2020 Advanced Individuals in Teacher’s Ethics. Professor Liao Hong from WUT’s School of Science won this honorary title.

In July 2020, the Union launched a selection of Top Ten Models of Teacher’s  Ethics and Advanced Individuals in Teacher’s Ethics in Hubei to strengthen teachers’ professional ethics, and create a sound environment for cultivating ethical teachers and respecting teachers. In accordance with the requirements of the Union and the arrangements for WUT’s recommendation, Professor Liao Hong was recommended to participate in the selection after grassroots recommendation and research decisions.

Professor Liao is one of the leading teachers in the Physics Department of the School of Science. Since graduating in 1987, with great loyalty and responsibility to the education, and love for her job, she has worked very hard for the higher education for decades. She has also devoted all her energy to teaching and fostered numerous outstanding talents. The University calls on the majority of faculties to learn from her, to promote professional ethics and style. All members should carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmanship, and im prove the cultivation of professional ethics and style and the ability of teaching. All should continue to make contributions to build WUT into a top university with top disciplines,